things to do alone at home

Things to Do Alone at Home When You’re Bored

Solo time can be healing for a lot of people who can handle it effectively. Solitude can inspire creativity, improve mood, and broaden one’s perspective in some people. Everything from drinking a cup of tea or coffee to reading can be done alone perfectly well without boredom. Different people engage in various activities to enjoy their own company. However, if you find it difficult to spend your alone time, we have compiled a list of things to do alone at home. 

Solo Things to Do When You’re Bored At Home

Being home is an entirely different story. Utilise it in the right way with the below-mentioned things to do when you are alone at home.

  1. Yoga and meditation
meditation at home alone

Yoga or meditation are two amazing things to do alone at home. Thes relaxation techniques help to boost your cognitive function, mood, spirit, and mental health. Suppose you are alone at home and looking for some interesting things to do when you are bored practising yoga and meditation. If heavy workouts or running aren’t your things, try yoga. These relaxation techniques will not only heal your body and mind but will also help you get distracted from negative thoughts and other unwanted things. Consult a yoga trainer and practise the best yoga stretches and poses that suit your health.

  1. Learn a new language

It’s never too late to learn a new language, like any other skill. Learning a new language might seem daunting at first. But, trust me, learning a new language is an exciting thing to do when you are bored at home. Who doesn’t like being called a multilinguist? There are several apps available now to help you learn new languages. 

  1. Make yourself a Cocktail

Learning a new skill is always fun, especially when you are alone at home. Making yourself a cocktail or mastering the skill of making a boozy beverage can help you not just pass the time but also impress your friend the next time he/she comes over for a drink.

  1. Puzzle-solving
puzzle solving alone at home

Use your brain with some jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, or a crossword. Rather than a thing to do alone at home, puzzle-solving is something that can strengthen your cognitive functions and memory. 

  1. Engage in Online volunteer programmes

Signing up for some virtual volunteer programmes is one of the more generous things to do alone at home. Online volunteering opportunities can be short-term or long-term tasks, typically off-site. If you have a stable internet connection at home, you can support communities and people in need through various virtual fundraising activities. 

  1. Teach your parents some online stuff

Teaching your parents some online stuff is something that requires great patience and attention. If you think your parents are far behind in technology, teach them some simple stuff like using social media, downloading songs from the internet, emailing, watching movies online for free, blogging, etc. Call your parents and help them learn to use the internet properly 

  1. Give yourself a gentle massage

Feeling stressed in your body and mind when you are alone at home? Give yourself a gentle massage to help your muscles and the whole body relax. If you are not skilled at it, you can inquire at a nearby massage parlor.A massage can be a great way to work out your muscles and help your body relax. Check around your area to find a local massage parlour or spa that comes over to offer massage services. 

  1. Online class

Sign up for an online class and learn something new when you are alone at home. Check out the internet, and you can find plenty of interactive and creative online classes, that help you learn your new skill. Enjoy your lonely time at home and enhance your creative abilities. 

  1. Style your old dresses

If you are feeling bored at home, check your wardrobe and style your old dresses into fashionable outfits. More than just a time-passing activity, it helps you style your old dress without burning holes in your pockets. Just adding a broad belt to your knee-length old Kurti, accessorising your dress with a colourful scarf, or layering your old outfit with solid colours can be great ways to style your old dresses. Find your own style and make your outfit unique with some innovative ideas. 

  1. Start beauty tutorial
Beauty tutorial when alone at home

If you have a good fashion or beauty sense, why don’t you start an online beauty tutorial to make your free time at home more creative? Let it be a haul video, lipstick hacks, foundation picking, or makeup tutorial video, film one yourself and share it on social channels. On the go, you will definitely find it interesting, with more subscribers, likes, and revenue. 

  1. Play video games

Do you find yourself with nothing to do at all when you are alone at home? Play video games. Playing videos can be a great pastime when you are alone at home. Choose an interesting genre and play your favourite video game. You can find a lot of adventure, sports, and fantasy video games. 

  1.  Look through old photos 

Take yourself down memory lane by looking at those old photos of your family. Go through the old photos of family and friends when you are alone at home. If all your photos are stored on your phone, create albums and store them for a lifetime. 

  1. DIY Beauty Treatments

Spend some time for self-love. Keep your secret beauty mantras hidden from the rest of the world. Try some DIY beauty treatments to enhance your beauty. Grab your beauty serums, face masks, and other beauty products to try DIP beauty treatments when you are bored at home. 

  1.  Feed birds or animals
feed birds when you are alone

Birds and animals are the best companions for humans. Feeding them can be a mood booster and give you some peace of mind. It helps you get engaged and develop a feeling of generosity towards living beings. Feeding birds and animals around your home give you a wider orientation towards nature as well. 

  1. Try adult colouring books

Colouring sheets and books are not just for kids. Try adult colouring books to unleash your creative side and reconnect with your inner artist. Shading flowers, houses, mountains, and sunsets like we did in our childhood can even lift your mood in solitude.

  1.  Start a YouTube channel

YouTube as a social channel is informative, fun, and resourceful too. Starting a YouTube channel is a creative thing you can do if you are feeling bored at home. If you are creative or talented with some skill, you can create videos on that skill and publish them on your YouTube channel. Now, start creating your own YouTube channel and adding innovative, user-engaging videos based on your skills. Getting more likes, subscribers, and watch time will help you generate income. 

  1.  Gardening

Gardening, a conventional thing most of us do at home when we are alone, is helpful to refresh our mind and thoughts. Rather than planting a garden, watering your plants and watching the flowers bloom will give you some positivity and peace of mind. All you need is some soil, shrubs, dirt, and water to create a garden. 

  1.  Learn to play a new musical instrument

Not everyone is musically talented, but you can still learn some musical instruments if you are interested. Be it piano, drums, guitar, or any other musical instrument, learning them is one of the best things to do alone at home. 

  1.  Call your best friends

Make a call to your best friends if you are alone at home. This is the time to share your feelings with your friends without fear of being overheard. You can talk with them until your stomach aches and speak very freely to them like no one is listening to you. 

  1. Go online shopping

Online shopping is one of the best time-killing things to do when you are bored at home. Buying new stuff is always exciting and entertaining. Finding the latest trends and adding products to your wishlist and cart can be a great favourite thing to do when you are alone at home.

  1.  Read books

Always plan to read books that you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time to do so. Now, when you are alone at home, is the right time to start! Take your favourite book from the list of all the books you want to read and start reading. Prepare a list of all the books you read and see how many you’ve read in a month. 

  1. Find a new show to binge-watch
Binge watching alone at home

Finding new movies, documentaries, or TV series to binge-watch is one of the most exciting things to do alone at home. Apart from mere entertainment, watching shows in different languages can make you think creatively and out of the box, and sometimes even help you learn a foreign language. It is not just a time pass activity to escape from boredom, but to engage yourself in something more interesting than the world around you. 

  1. Change your looks and take selfies

Create a new look and take selfies to enjoy your time alone. Taking selfies is a super stress-relieving experience. Change your poses and get playful with them. 

  1. Declutter your space

Decluttering your house requires much patience and interest. If you have an OCD problem with neatness, check the areas in your home that don’t spark joy and organise them beautifully. Whether it is your messy wardrobe, overstuffed dresser, kitchen, or any other spot, tackle the clutter, assort, and organise it beautifully. 

  1. Rearrange your bookshelf

Are you interested in spending some time with your books? It’s not just reading, rearranging your bookshelf is also interesting. Whether you organise the books based on genre, writers, or colour pattern, coordinate your library to make it worth revisiting.  

  1. Watch your favourite movies again

Are you a movie freak? Then watch your favourite movies again when you are at home. This is the best time to watch your favourite films without anyone complaining about your choice. 

  1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is one of the creative things to do when you are bored at home. If you are longing to write about some interesting topics, start blogging. Find a domain name that suits your article, develop a website with the help of a developer, and start blogging. Be it a fashion blog or a travelogue, continue publishing engaging articles and monetize your website as a side hustle to make some extra money.

  1. Enjoy a slow, relaxed meal
relaxed meal while you're alone at home

When was the last time you enjoyed a slow, relaxed meal? To enjoy a yummy slow meal, you don’t have to cook or get a huge feast. When no one is around you at home, get your favourite food and enjoy a relaxed meal with a feel-good movie. 

  1. Bake something

Do you enjoy baking? Now that you have access to the entire kitchen, bake as many pies as you like and enjoy a slow, relaxing meal. If you are not good at cooking, you can also learn how to bake via YouTube cooking videos, cooking books, or just by applying the ‘trial and burnt’ method. 

  1.  Plan gifts for your dear ones

Make a list of upcoming special days and plan gifts for your dear ones. Be it Christmas or Mother’s Day, plan gifts for your dear ones, when you are alone at home. Let no one know your gift idea for their special occasion. 

  1.  Track your personal finance

If you are thinking of tracking your expenses for a long time, taking control of your finances is necessary. Now is the best time to do this. Start tracking your personal finance when you are bored at home. 

  1. Invest in share trading

Many people’s new-age side hustle is stock trading and investing in stocks. If you want to spend your solo time at home productively, don’t miss this opportunity. Learn to choose the best shares that give better returns and start investing

  1. Try new recipes 

Experimenting with new recipes is one of the most interesting things to do alone at home. You can find a lot of delectable recipes and dishes on the internet. Try a new recipe that sounds scrumptious; trust me, it might turn out to be one of your favourites.

  1. Decorate your home with flowers

It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or surrounded by people at home; decorating your home is a wonderful idea to keep you engaged. How about giving some life to your rooms with some freshly cut flowers? Add some sweet fragrance and a lively touch to your home with some fresh flowers. If you are not interested in plucking flowers and using them for decoration, this may not be your cup of tea.

  1. Knit Something or Crochet
knitting when alone at home

Knitting something not only relieves you from boredom but will also help you relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. Be it a scarf, shirt, or pillow cover, start crocheting and refresh your inner artistry when you are bored at home. 

  1. Nail art

Nail art is an excellent way to spend a boring day. When you are alone at home, find some time to paint your nails in the most exquisite way. Find a nail colour that matches your outfit and apply it to your nails in a very artistic way, like something you have never attempted before. 

  1. Send messages to your long back friends

Allow this to be the time to catch up with old friends. It is one of the best ways to keep your friendship warm and long-lasting. Sending some messages to your old friends helps them keep in touch with you and have good memories of you forever 

  1. Write in a journal

Jotting down your feelings and thoughts in a journal is a great way to spend your free time and earn good revenue. Writing in a journal will help you have some fun time memories when you are alone at home. Let it be some memories you have engraved down your mind, a long-time desire or a future plan, pen it down and embrace those moments. 

  1. Upcycle your old furniture or other stuff

Upcycling your old furniture is yet another activity to do when you are alone at home. If you are not a creative person, there are a lot of hacks on the internet to help you upcycle your old furniture or other things to remodel it to some other product for reuse. 

  1. Play with your pet
play with pet alone at home

If you’re feeling lonely and bored, your pet may be as well. Playing with your pet is a wonderfully fun activity to stay active throughout the day and make your free time enjoyable. 

  1.  Sing your heart out

If you are not an expert singer when you start singing, your parents or roommates will probably whisper and tease you. You probably only sang in the shower because of this. The perfect time to indulge in your private concert is when you’re alone at home. Without worrying about annoying anyone, you could even practise all those high notes that you know you always miss. 

  1. Write an unsent letter

Writing an unsent letter is one of the most interesting things to do alone at home. How about writing an unsent letter with the things you wish you could share with someone in your life? Without the chance of sharing your thoughts and feelings with anyone you know, you can express your feelings easily through an unsent letter. You can even write a letter to your other-self or past self, sharing the thoughts you wanted to tell. 

  1. Watch nature, sunrise or sunset

You may be wondering how watching nature, the sunrise or the sunset is an activity you can enjoy alone. Yes, though it happens every day, enjoying sunrise and sunset on your balcony is a beautiful activity that will never let you feel bored. So, when you’re at home, take in the colourful sights of sunrise and sunset to brighten the rest of your day.

  1. Take a lengthy soothing bath [bubble bath]

Taking a warm, lengthy bath using the right essential oils is another great thing to do when you are bored at home. A soothing, warm bubble bath not only gives you a relaxing feeling but can also soothe your skin. 

  1. Start a scrapbook

Do you have the habit of jotting down your thoughts and feelings? If not, start a scrapbook and stick the things you want to remember forever in it. Sticking cuttings, designing page layouts, and adding embellishments to your posts are activities that require focus and hence keep you engaged during your free time. 

  1. Try out a new hairdo
try new harido alone at home

Have you been thinking about changing your hairstyle for a long time? Give yourself a makeover by changing your hairstyle. Being alone at home is the ideal time to try out new hairdos and makeup looks. 

  1. Clean your makeup brushes

Is this a long-overdue activity? Then, it’s time to clean your makeup brush, which has been left untidy for a long time. 

  1. Give yourself a pedicure or manicure

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting a professional pedicure or manicure for special events or just to be pampered, but getting yourself one can save you not just money but also help you stay active throughout your spare time. 

  1. Learn DIY crafts on Youtube or Pinterest

Learning DIY crafts on YouTube or Pinterest is an exciting way to enjoy your spare time. From bottle art to embroidery, making jewellery, making funfetti candles or any other creative DIY crafts, lessons can be learned from YouTube or Pinterest. So, start learning new DIY crafts when you are alone at home. 

  1. Plan for your next big event

Planning for your next big event is one of the most thrilling things to do alone at home. Make an easy-to-use checklist of things you should not miss for your special occasion and plan your next event successfully. Utilise your spare time perfectly to organise your event.

  1. Leisurely stroll around your house

Take a leisurely, brisk walk around your house when you feel bored. More than exercise, a leisurely stroll gets you some fresh air and boosts your mood. Walking is a great way to improve your spirit and positivity. 

  1.   Learn calligraphy 

Your long days at home may have resulted in boredom. However, if you’re looking for some fun things to do when you are bored at home, learn a new skill like calligraphy. You can find free online calligraphy courses to spruce up your handwriting. Enroll and sign up to learn this new skill at home. 

  1. Create reels or TikTok videos
create reels alone at home

If you are on Instagram, you might know that reels are the perfect way to improve reach, increase engagement, and increase your follower count. Rather than just scrolling on, start creating reels or TikTok videos. Creating reels requires your precious time, skill, and effort. Just record and edit 15 to 60-second videos, set them to trending music, and add filters or text. What else would you find more enjoyable to escape your boredom?

  1. Frame your favourite pics

Framing your favourite photos and pictures offer endless possibilities to keep them without damaging them. DIY picture frames are unique ideas to help you engage when you are alone at home. Materials ranging from old books to upcycled things can be skillfully used to make this activity more budget-friendly. 

  1. Listen to podcasts

Listen to some of the most trending podcast episodes to run away from your lonely feeling at home. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to listen to comic, motivational, or informative pods, start listening and help yourself engaged. 

  1. Plan your next getaway

Planning a trip doesn’t have to be a daunting assignment. It can be a very interesting process as you anticipate a lovely getaway with your dear ones. When everyone else is busy with some other work and your vacation plan gets delayed infinitely, take up the responsibility of the trip planning and come up with a thrilling plan. 

  1.  Clean your inbox

Does your email notification shows your google drive memory is almost full? Then, it’s time to clean your inbox. Don’t miss this chance; use this opportunity to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and read those important emails you missed. 

  1. Make your own bathing products

For most of us, homemade bath products are a luxury. Making your own bathing products using helpful recipes over the internet will nurture your skin, keep you busy, and save you a lot of money a year. Have a lengthy, soothing bath using your own DIY soaps, shampoos, body scrub, etc. 

  1.  Repaint your room decoratively
repaint home when you're alone

Repainting your room refreshes not only your tired walls but also your mind. With the endless list of creative painting designs and techniques available over the internet, it’s easy to transform the look of your room without much effort.

  1.  Bio farming

Organic farming or bio-farming is an eco-friendly and healthy activity that you can practise when you get free time at home. Be kinder to the planet and lead a healthy lifestyle with this stress-free activity.

  1.  Take a nap

I am not talking about a power nap; just ‘hibernate’. Don’t feel guilty for taking a nap during your free time. You may not always be in the mood to try new things or learn something. If you feel stressed or lazy when you are alone at home, just get some sleep and restart the whole process. 


So, what do you think about the above things to do alone at home? Which of these activities is your favourite, and which ones have you tried? If you have more ideas about things to do when you are bored at home, leave a comment below. 

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