Tourist places in Wayanad

Popular Tourist Places in Wayanad

If your search for the top tourist places in Wayanad ends here, then you are lucky. I have curated a list of amazing places to visit in Wayanad on your next holiday trip. Wayanad district in Kerala’s northeast is surrounded by the spectacular Western Ghats and is nothing short of a green paradise. The area has lots to offer for nature enthusiasts, adventure junkies and tranquillity seekers, from green slopes and flowing waterfalls to clean lakes and wildlife reserves. And there’s more! Wayanad is home to various historic caves and temples, as well as a variety of adventure activities as well.

Wayanad is a lovely hill station nestled in the Western Ghats of Kerala. The attractions of Wayanad comprise a lot of scenic delights including foggy hills, secret valleys, dazzling lakes, and sprawling tea and spice plantations. It’s a location of pure joy where you can not only relax but also have fascinating adventures. If you love to hear the sound of water falling through the hills and feel the calming mist on your face, Wayand is the best spot for you to explore. 

Given below is the list of Wayanad tourist places you must visit on your next vacation.

Panoramic Viewpoints

Wayanad is one of the highest elevations in Kerala, with beautiful views. From the Lakkidi viewpoint, you can see lofty mountains, listen to the flowing water streams and marvel at the spectacular beauty of deep valleys and luxuriant vegetation. Sunrise Valley viewpoint is another sight in town from where you can see Meenmutty Waterfalls. Also visible from this vantage point is the Chaliyar River.

Other stunning viewpoints in Wayanad are the Nellarachal viewpoint, Panamaram viewpoint, Nerippara viewpoint, Muneeswaran Kunnu, Kurambalakotta viewpoint, and many more. 

Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wayanad is well-known for its wonderful habitat and a diverse range of flora and fauna. The place is home to over 45 animal species, 55 reptile and amphibian species, 330 bird species, 170 butterfly species, and a diverse range of other flora and wildlife. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1973 to safeguard these animals, and in 1991–92 it became part of Project Elephant. It is Kerala’s second-largest wildlife sanctuary, covering 345 square kilometres, and is also one of the most popular wildlife spots near Bangalore. Visitors can go on Jeep safaris and experience the energy of wild creatures. 

Pre-historic Caves

A visit to Edakkal Caves, located at a height of 1,200 metres on Ambukuthi Hill, is another worthwhile activity on your Wayanad trip. The Edakkal Caves are rocks wedged between two big stones that appear like caves and are one of the earliest sources of prehistoric writing. The 96-foot-long tower is covered in visual paintings and antique inscriptions on every surface, making it a must-see attraction.

Picturesque Waterfalls

The cascading waterfalls in Wayanad are one of the major reasons behind the stunning beauty of the district. Aside from this, this pristine hill district of Kerala is cradled by a plethora of breathtaking waterfalls. Some of the spectacular waterfalls to visit in Wayanad are Palchuram, Soochippara waterfalls, Meenmutty, Kanthanpara waterfalls, Chethalayam, Kadachikunnu, Thusharagiri, and more. You can hear the water rushing from the peaks and feel the mist on your face while standing beside the waterfalls. Apart from the rough terrain, rocky slopes, and lush greenery, these breathtaking waterfalls plummetting in milky white colour are something awe-inspiring. 

Sacred Temples

Wayanad is noted for both its natural beauty and its enigmatic temples. These temples, which date from the 12th to 16th centuries, are a living testament to Wayanad’s cultural legacy. The best places to visit in Wayanad include a few sacred temples in Wayanad including Thirunelli Temple, Anantnath Swami Temple, Valliyoorkavu Temple, Seetha Devi Temple, Ganapathi Vattam Temple, and others. The 300-year-old Thirunelli temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is a well-known pilgrimage hub in Wayanad.

Tranquil Lakes

Surrounded by deep green forests, Wayanad has several naturally gorgeous pristine lakes. The banks of these freshwater sources are distinctive tourist destinations that have attracted a large number of visitors. Because these lakes are surrounded by deep forests, sailing in their calm waters will be a memorable experience that should not be missed. Some of the major lakes to visit in Wayanad include Karalad Lake, Pookode Lake, Heart Lake, and others.

Serene Environment

Wayanad is surrounded by natural vegetation; tea and cardamom plantations; pine trees; and beautiful greenery. So, in addition to seeing the Wayanad attractions listed above, you can occasionally enjoy breathtaking views of this natural beauty and tea estates as well.

Amazing Trekking Spots

Chembra Peak in Wayanad is a challenge for trekkers from all over the world. It is the highest peak in Wayanad and requires a full day of mountaineering to reach. Another popular trekking spot is Neelimala Viewpoint, which offers challenging trails for both beginners and experts. This is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Wayanad. 

Museums of Wayanad

Gear up to get astounded by the historical remnants and ancient relics when you pay a visit to Wayanad. Wayanad is truly a storehouse for a few eminent museums of Kerala, which are treasuries of fascinating artefacts that go back to centuries. Wayanad Heritage Museum is the most eminent museum that is famous for holding historical items such as 14th–16th-century sculptures, tribal artefacts, ancient terracottas, and more. The historical museums of Wayanad bear great archaeological importance.

Apart from this, the Pazhassi Raja Museum, the Valmeekam Tribal Museum, and the century-old Wayanad Tea Museum narrate unique stories of freedom fights, Adivasi tradition, historical stories, etc. 

Dam Tour

The top places to visit in Wayanad definitely include its dams. Though Wayanad has only two dams – Banasura Sagar and Karapuzha, a visit to these two places is on the bucket list of every tourist who visits this place. Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia, is built across Karamanathodu, one of the tributaries of the Kabani River in Wayanad. The extensive reservoir, scattered islets, and the beautiful blue mountains make the place phenomenal. A scenic walk relishing the beauty of the dam is a must-do activity. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the reservoir. The dam is built at the base of Banasura hill, the second tallest mountain in the district.

Similar to the Banasura Sagar, Karapuzha is also stunning with its scenic beauty. Surrounded by mountains and scattered islands, this small mud dam is a place you would really enjoy. 

Adventure Spots

Wayanad is a fantastic destination for adventure junkies. Pave your way through the forest’s massive trees to uncover fantastic areas to pitch your tent or build your own treehouse. Campfires in the cold will warm your heart and create a unique memory. All tourists can enjoy boating and cycling, making Wayanad an ideal family vacation spot.

Stay in the Lap of Nature

If you are looking for wondrous places to stay for your next holiday, Wayanad is the best choice. In Wayanad, you can find beautiful resorts that can help you get away from the metropolis. These nature resorts in Wayanad are well-kept and provide visitors with an authentic Kerala experience. Many Wayanad resorts provide organic menus as well as tribal traditional cuisine as well as cosmopolitan cuisine. So your taste buds will be pleased! These resorts offer spa services, massages, meditation, and yoga, among other calming activities.

Monsoon in Wayanad

Because of the damp and humid weather, the monsoon season is not always the best time to travel. However, if you love the monsoons, Wayanad is the place to go! The petrichor entices you in the morning, and the beauty of the land that radiates during the monsoon season is breathtaking.

Other Tourist Places in Wayanad

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a fan of relaxing spots, Wayanad is a perfect destination to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones. Here are some other tourist places in Wayanad that you should not miss. I know it would be hectic to trip to all these Wayanad tourist places on a weekend trip. If you are short of time, save these places for your next trip.

  • Bamboo Forests: A perfect safari place where you can spot cheetah, deer, buffalo, and wild bears.
  • Pakhsipathalam Bird Sanctuary: Nature lovers and bird watchers find this spot, one of the best places to visit in Wayanad as it serves as an abode for a wide range of rare bird species. 
  • Chain Tree: A less-explored tourist place in Wayanad, which is associated with multiple stories and myths. 
  • Phantom Rock: Also known as Chengeeri Mala, this rock is located in the state of an apparition skull. 
  • Pallikkunnu Church-One of the oldest architectures in Wayanad town
  • Pazhassi Tomb- The tomb of Kerala’s great king, Pazhassi Raja, where his sword is kept
  • Krishnagiri Cricket Stadium- Located at 2,100 feet above sea level, it is one of the most stunning and natural-sounding cricket stadiums in the world.
  • Ripon Tea Factory- Spread across 443 hectares of land at an altitude of 2000 metres above sea level, this tea factory is one of the most stimulating Wayanad tourist attractions.
  • The Bamboo Factory: A fascinating Wayanad tourist place that makes crafts using bamboo
  • Varambetta Mosque: More than 300 years old, this is the first mosque in Wayanad. 
  • Kolagappara- An isolated village in Wayanad for a relaxing weekend getaway

Proximity to Several Other Famous Tourist Destinations

Another major advantage of taking a trip to Wayanad is its proximity to various other famous tourist destinations. Wayanad is roughly 300 kilometres from Bengaluru, Coorg, Ooty, and Kochi, making it conveniently accessible by road from these places.

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The Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Hope you got a list of places to visit in Wayanad. Now, take a look at the best time to visit this place. Throughout the year, Wayanad has a pleasant climate. The temperature in Wayanad ranges from a high of 25°C to a low of 15°C. The best time to visit Wayanad is between October and May. The weather in Wayanad is typically nice, comfortable, and cool at this time of year. It is also a perfect time for sightseeing and participating in various other activities like boating, hiking, camping, etc. The winter season is thought to be the best for spending quality time with family or friends since you may enjoy outdoor activities in Wayanad without being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun and risking dehydration, as you would in the summer.

Travel to Wayanad to fall in love with nature and enjoy the peace and quiet that the place has to offer!

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