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Unique Things to Do in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, one of the most exquisite places in Georgia, has a lot of amazing things to do and watch. A visit to Tbilisi offers a perfect blend of ancient wonders and modern-day sensations. Tbilisi, located on both sides of the Mtkvari River, is the capital, as well as the largest city in Georgia. It is included as a must-visit in all the Georgia travel packages. Flourishing as a major tourist hub in Georgia, this amazing place is celebrated for its marvellous nightlife, spectacular remnants of Georgian antiquity, architectural wonders, and monarchy. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, continue reading and find out what Tbilisi has in store for you. 

This article gives you a pocket list of things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia – including unique attractions, fun activities and local favourites. Check out this post to learn about the six wonders of Georgia that you should see on your next trip to Tbilisi.

Georgian Museums

The Museum of Georgia, the National Gallery, and the Museum of Fine Arts located in the centre of Tbilisi are the must-visit places while on a trip to Georgia. All three museums are integrated into Georgia’s major museum network—the Georgian National Museum. The museum houses an exceptional collection of archaeological treasures and antique objects, which date back to the 3rd millennium BC. Take a visit to these wonderful places and enjoy two permanent exhibitions: one representing Georgia’s Soviet Occupation and the other the natural history of the Caucasus. Worried about the budget? No need. The entry fee is around $2, and children under 6 can enter for free.

Clock Tower

The leaning tower of Tbilisi, also known as the Clock Tower, is one of the most exemplary buildings in Tbilisi. A huge clock in the middle of the dishevelled tower, with a leaning column on its side, is a major attraction for tourists who visit Tbilisi, Georgia. The building, which stands out like something from a fairy tale, was built by puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze during a renovation of the Gabriadze puppet theatre. It stands as the symbolic representation of the whole Old Town and will create a long-lasting image in the visitors’ minds. 

Narikala Fortress

Also termed the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi, Narikala Fortress is a classic symbol of Tbilisi’s defence. The fortress was built in the 4th century, around the period in which the city itself was established. Standing on the top of the fortress, you can take a glance at the spectacular views over Tbilisi. 

Aerial Cable Car

Sightseeing on the Tbilisi cable car is one of the highly thrilling things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia. Opened in 2012, the new aerial cable car in Tbilisi connects the newly constructed Rike Park, which sits just across the Mtkvari river from the Old Town, with Narikala, the fortress that overlooks the city. You can enjoy the 360-degree view of the city through the windows of the car.

Dry Bridge Market

The Dry Bridge market, located on a bridge that is no longer over a river, is one of the exciting places to hang around in Tbilisi. The mesmerising assortment of things like antiques, jewellery, Soviet kitsch, and other unusual items such as war medals can be purchased at affordable rates from here. The market located near Dedaena Park is actually an open-air bazaar, which is huge and is exceptionally popular amongst the locals and tourists. Exploring the markets is one of the most interesting things you can do on your visit to Tbilisi. 

The Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi

The Ethnographic Museum in Tbilisi will acquaint you with the culture and traditions of the Georgians. The museum, located in Vake Park, was opened in 1966 on the initiative of Georgian ethnographer Georgy Chitay. The museum covers an area of 52 hectares near Turtle Lake. It exhibits more than 8,000 expositions from all over the country. The houses and buildings that represent the life of the Bronze Age, weapons, traditional clothing, ornaments, and utensils are also exhibited in the houses.

Georgian Music Festivals

Georgia is home to lovely music. You can easily spot the local band groups rehearsing and performing in several public places. The nightclubs, restaurants, town squares, bars, streets, and main bazaars are always swarming with different kinds of Georgian music. Tbilisi Open Air Music Festival, Art-Gene Festival, Black Sea Jazz Festival, and GEM Fest, are some of the top music festivals that you can enjoy if you are a music lover. 

Hope you got a wonderful list of things to do in Tbilisi on your next Georgia trip? Now pack your travel bag and explore this amazing country even on a shoestring budget. Georgia is a budget-friendly place with low taxes, amazing weather, food and weather. You will definitely love this place and its enchanting beauty. 

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