Titos club Goa shuts down

Tito’s Club Shuts Down Due to Harassment by Officials

Tito’s Club that is famous for its vibrant nightlife is shutting down due to harassment from authorities and NGOs. Tito’s, one of the happening places in Goa is celebrated among night party lovers and is known as the most popular nightclub since its establishment in the 1970s. Goa, which is popular for its pristine beaches and colourful nightlife will definitely miss the Tito’s and its visitors. The club played a very crucial role in every Goan visitor’s ever-green memories of those old Gold trips. 

Located at the Baga Beach in North Goa, Tito’s has been synonymous with the nightlife of the state. Ricardo Joseph D’Souza, the owner of Tito’s with revelated closing down the news with so much grief. He wrote, “It is with sadness but with anger that we have sold our entire business in Goa. I personally have suffered the least as I was compensated adequately and even my future generations won’t have to work.”

Ricardo who has been running the business with his brother Davis shared on social media that he has sold his entire business in Goa and doesn’t plan to start any new venture in Goa. He said that he had plans to set up shop in Dubai, Toronto, parts of Ukraine and Africa. 

Though the name of the new owner of the club is not yet revealed, D’Souza has told that the shut down of the club was due to harassment from the authorities including the police department, Planning and Development Authority, Coastal Regulatory Zone, NGOs, Panchayats, and other officials concerned. On his Facebook page, he also shared that he was grateful to a certain segment of the Government including Dr Sawant- the CM of Goa, the IAS officers, friends, family, neighbours, and people of Goa who contributed much to the growth of the brand. He further added that the brand Tito’s will continue and they will also retain their brand of alcohol. 

Just like D’Souza, netizens are also greatly moved by the news. “End of an era. Won’t be the same without you,” one person commented on his Facebook post.

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