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Life in Dubai: Interesting Facts About Living in Dubai

Dubai has a very classy and opulent image, and it is the face that represents the whole of the Emirates. It is also a city of opportunities, and therefore, living in Dubai has been widely accepted all around the world. The technical advancements that the city focuses on show how well they are building upon the image of being part of a developed economy. Dubai is in a constant loop of bringing in different changes and trying to excite different entrepreneurs all over the world to start their businesses or even expand their existing ones. There are frequent programmes that are conducted with the sole purpose of gaining attention from people from different parts of the world.  If you are looking into the various walks of life that Dubai has to offer, this blog will serve as a guide to help you understand what to expect from the city where dreams come true. 

Life in Dubai is characterized by its modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle and fast pace of development. The city offers a high standard of living, with luxurious amenities, world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as numerous tourist attractions. Dubai is also home to a diverse mix of expatriates from around the world, creating a multicultural atmosphere. However, it is important to note that some conservative cultural norms and laws, such as dress codes and restrictions on alcohol consumption, should be respected. Here’s everything you need to know about “Life in Dubai.” Let us break down living in Dubai into different categories: 

What makes Dubai stand out? 

Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which is the third-richest nation in the world. The emirates is popular for its luxury life,  deserts and beaches, bustling nightlife, shopping experience, and ultra-modern architecture. Dubai has many features and is always eager to add more to its exceptional lifestyle. The major advantage of planning to live in Dubai is the way the city welcomes different cultures and people of different nationalities. The country’s level of acceptance and the way it treats everyone with respect is the driving force behind people’s coexistence. Life in Dubai would be really expensive but indeed dreamy for many people.

Tax structures

Dubai and the rest of the Emirates were tax-free for quite a long time. There has been a solid change in the tax laws of the country as the country is going to be an inherent part of the world economy and its changes. Having said that, the tax laws are comparatively more feasible than those of other economies in the world. There are many relevant grants and subsidies that are proposed by the authorities to help people living in Dubai and businesses set up ventures in the country. These also propose a lot of employment opportunities for people who are coming to live in Dubai.

Weekends are Different

Around the world, the weekend is always on Saturday and Sunday. But it takes an exciting turn when you go to Dubai. The weekends in Dubai do not join the standard week off; instead, you will have to start getting used to the weekends on Friday and Saturday. The reason for this is that Fridays are considered holy according to the Islam religion, which is the national religion of the UAE and hence Dubai. This might take a little time to get used to, but yes, you will soon get the hang of it. 

Off to the Bling life 

Relocating to Dubai will result in a significant increase in living expenses because the UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The cost of living in Dubai is high compared to a country like India. The increase will be far more prominent for people who come from developing or underdeveloped countries. The rent prices have been increasing at quite a faster pace, and hence it might be ideal to question your move with sufficient funds and get an understanding of the areas that can offer you a fair price for settling in. Studies say that the cost of living in Dubai is 100 percent higher than the national average in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last few years, home rent has skyrocketed, especially in popular urban areas and expat community spaces. Additionally, because many items have import taxes, eating out and shopping at stores like grocery stores will put an additional burden on your finances.

Health insurance is a must!

Just like we talked about living expenses, healthcare expenses are also considerably higher when compared to some countries. The healthcare rendered in Dubai is of high quality, hence the higher costs. Therefore, it is ideal to have a discussion with your sponsor or your employers about medical insurance before even hatching the plan to settle in Dubai. Medical insurance is a great lifesaver because it will cover even minor visits to any of Dubai’s hospitals. And, if you intend to live in Dubai, attempting to get your employer to cover your expenses can be a game changer. 

Abide by the rules

Dubai holds a privileged position when it comes to maintaining laws and regulations in the country. This is the sole reason why Dubai showcases very low crime rates when compared to the averages around the world. The penalties for breaking the rules are severe, making it critical to understand the country’s basic rules and regulations before relocating to Dubai. Alcohol consumption and smoking in public areas are strictly prohibited and cause you to pay high penalties.  

Well connected

Transportation in Dubai is not even an issue, as it’s fully fledged with different kinds of transportation ranging from taxis, metros, public buses, etc. The metros in Dubai have stops at all major city attractions, and taxis are available round-the-clock. They take extra measures to keep the metros and taxis clean at all times, making them the best option to travel through Dubai. If you are concerned about personal transportation, you can obtain high-quality vehicles, both new and used. 

Workplace = Personal life 

This seems a little awkward when you hear it, but it is not as weird as it sounds. All relevant information about you is communicated to your workplace address rather than your home address. The rationale behind this is that, to settle in Dubai, one needs a sponsor, and usually, your employer will be your sponsor. The sponsor is the person who guarantees your stay in Dubai. Therefore, he becomes a vital part of your settlement in Dubai. You need a letter from your sponsor to start a bank account in Dubai.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is home to numerous retail centres, and shopping malls, including the biggest mall in the world. A majority of your purchases will be tax-free; however, import fees can raise the overall cost of the items. Additionally, a 5% VAT rate was implemented in 2018 with the exception of basic food goods, healthcare, and education. If you’re on a tight budget, be cautious. For more affordable costs, shop at nearby markets and supermarkets. Avoid going to the mall on a Friday night since it’s crowded.

Alcohol? License Please.

If you are someone who would like to have a drink or two at the end of a day and want to purchase some to keep in the stash at home, it is not as easy to do that. It is necessary to have a liquor licence to purchase, store, and consume alcohol in Dubai. To make this possible, you will first need to have an Emirates ID along with your visa and passport. It is a penal offence to consume alcohol in public, and you might face a fine or even jail time.

Safety is Prime

Safety is one of the primary features when it comes to living in Dubai. As discussed earlier, Dubai is known for its law enforcement, and the citizens and the expats are to follow it strictly. This assurance makes it one of the safest cities in the world, and it has been ranked on similar grounds quite a number of times in the global index. Dubai’s law and regulations’ reputation is influenced by harsh penalties, lengthy prison terms, well-publicized convictions, and the use of undercover police.  

Women-only spaces 

Dubai has been known as the best place for women in the Middle East. Life in Dubai for women will be secure. Not only is it a safe city, but there are several women-only conveniences dotted around it, such as separate metro carriages and ladies’ taxis also available in Dubai. Some beaches in Dubai even offer female-only days. A lot of ladies’ night deals are available across Dubai, inviting women with late-night performances, delicious menus, free drinks, and stunning views. It is not just limited to food and drinks, women can also access the beach, spa treatments, and pools, providing a glamorous experience.

Entrepreneurs’ Paradise 

If you are planning a business setup in Dubai, you have made one of the right decisions that will secure your business and future in the best way possible. Dubai might be one of the few cities in the world that has been striving hard to make its space most attractive to investors and new-age businessmen. Dubai’s provisions and schemes make it an ideal location for establishing and growing businesses. 

Living in Dubai- Final Thoughts

For the majority of expats, living in Dubai is a quintessential lifestyle experience. A new life in Dubai will be one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever enjoy. Dubai would be the perfect place if you are the type of person who thrives on luxury, excitement, and thrills. These are the bare essentials of what you can expect from moving to Dubai, but the vibrancy of how the land appreciates and accepts the culture is something that words can’t capture. Settlement in Dubai opens up a wide array of opportunities and a lifestyle with a Midas touch.

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