How to Style Mom Jeans

How to Style Mom Jeans?

I am sure most of you might be a huge fan of skinny jeans like me. And the past few years before the Corona breakout was the time of skinny ankle-length jeans. Corona changed our social life and our daily-wear life is still rotating between loungewear, black leggings, and loose pyjamas. Yeah, it is very comfortable. Now most of us can’t even think of squeezing ourselves into a pair of tight skinnies with zero air passage. The fans count of skinny jeans has been reduced and its fad gave way to mom jeans ago a year or two. The stylish mom jeans regenerated from the 90s are the latest trend. Nowadays, most of us are searching for how to style mom jeans. Before getting deep into the top ways to style your mom jeans, let’s read some interesting facts about mom jeans. 

So, if you have decided to bid farewell to your skinny jeans for something more stylish and comfortable, mommy jeans are the coolest option. Mom jeans/Mommy jeans have lacked their trendiness a couple of decades ago. But like most of the 90s things that are back in fashion, mommy jeans are also back in trend. 

What actually are Mommy Jeans?

Popular in the late 80s and 90s, these retro-style jeans were favourite among mommies, hence the name.  In the late 1990s and 2000s, mom jeans were mostly worn by middle-aged American women and regarded as “old” by younger ladies. This high-waisted ankle-length jeans type became fashionable again in the 2020s with its use by teenagers and younger women. With its popularity regained by tweens and young ladies, the term is not that prevalent these days. Nevertheless, ‘mom jeans’ is one of the most searched terms on the internet with high search volume. 

Mom jeans are truly a feminine alternative to boyfriend jeans. Similar to the boyfriend jeans, mommy jeans also have a relaxed fit but sit high on the waist. Loose around the bums and thighs, you will see the regular mom jeans with less stretch and are tapered around the ankles. The relaxed cuts of mommy jeans make them more comfortable than skinny jeans. The back pockets and baggy fit tend to make the bum appear longer. 

Tips to Style Mom Jeans

Compared to boyfriend jeans, mommy jeans are easy to style because of their high-waist fit. The popular way of wearing mom jeans is with an oversized shirt, t-shirt or blouse, but preferably in a tucked style. Pairing with a white plain shirt or t-shirt will give a cool look to mom jeans. Unlike the 90s model, mom jeans are now worn in different styles with modern accessories to get a next-level look. Wearing your mom jeans with a crop top will give you a super cool look. You can also add a quality leather belt to the outfit to make a unique appearance. Roll up the hems for an additional style quotient and pair with ankle boots or trainers. 

Since mom jeans suits almost all women irrespective of shape or stature, you can wear most styles of your top with them. Whether it is a t-shirt, a high size shirt, blouse or polo neck, you need to tuck in your top to make it more appreciable. Wear it with a biker jacket, leather jacket or silky shirt/blouse to rock during any season. 

Style Guide to Mommy jeans

While the typical 90s-fashioned mom jeans come in classic blue colour denim with no tears or rips in the fabric, the modern-day versions are in different styles, colours, and patterns. 

  1. Style your mommy jeans with white sneakers and a plain white tee for a look that never fails. 
  2. Crop tops, the latest choice of teens as well as young women paired with mom jeans is a super hit now. If you don’t want to expose your skin, make sure you buy ultra high-waist mom jeans. Loose-fitting crop tops will also minimize the ride up, making them much comfier to wear. 
  3. How about styling your mom jean with a blazer? Pairing a blazer with your mom jeans will give a sophisticated look and give a nostalgic feel of the ’90s.
  4. If you have a collection of some cute tank tops, styling them with your mom jeans will be a great summer outfit idea. 
  5. A white button-down shirt and loafers with mom jeans is the ultimate style option to get a cool-girl look. Keep 
  6. Distressed mom jeans with some tears plus a leather jacket will be super trendy for any time of the year.
  7. A knit sweater along with booties is another popular choice to style your mom jeans. 
  8. A graphic tee is a perfect option to style with your mom jeans. Wear your casual and easy-to-wear graphic t-shirt to get a loose and nice fit for summer days.
  9. If you are bored of pairing your mom jeans with shirts tucked in, bodysuits are one of the best duos for high-waisted jeans to get a perfect look. 
  10. Double up denim- A band-style denim jacket adorned with gilded buttons will make you the centre of attraction anywhere you are. 

Types of Mom Jeans

mom jeans

The term “mom jeans” was used to define a type of denim jeans that were typically high-waisted, with a relaxed fit. In the 80s and 90s, it was usually worn by women who are pregnant or had given birth. These jeans were originally designed for working moms who wanted to look more stylish and comfortable at the same time.

The types of mom jeans are listed below:

High waist mom jeans: 

High waist mom jeans have a higher waistline than regular denim jeans. These jeans were mostly popular in the 80s and 90s. Today, they are a lot more fashionable and can be found in variant shades. This cut is perfect for those who have a smaller waist and larger hips.

Baggy mom jeans: 

Baggy mom jeans are denim style that is baggy and loose around the hips and thighs. As one of the comfiest pairs of jeans, the baggy mom jeans can take your look to the next level. Featuring a sharp waist and wider legs, you can accentuate the look with a tight top and oversized jacket. Add a pair of heels and create a streamlined aesthetic look. You can style your baggy jeans with even flats or loafers for a perfect comfortable look while staying fashionable.

Acid Wash mom jeans: 

Acid wash mom jeans are made using an acid-wash process which makes them look faded and distressed. This type of jeans is a great alternative to your regular fit jeans. Pair with light-shade tops in white, yellow, pinks, and blues or an oversized jumper. A pair of heels and a sweater would complete your look with a contemporary finish.

Ripped mom Jeans

Alter your mom jeans with a few rips. Ripped mom jeans are the latest trend with a single tear or a sequel of rips. They are a great option for moms who want to look smart and stylish. It is an excellent alternative to the baggy mom jeans that were popular in the past and you would look super cool in this outfit. 

Bootcut mom jeans: 

Bootcut mom jeans are another stylish pair of mom jeans that is loose and has a straight leg opening. This type of jeans is wider in the calf and ankle than other styles. Try plain white shirts, striped t-shirts, graphic tees, v-neck blouse or anything that accentuate your look and style. 

Plus size mom jeans:

Plus size mom jeans that come in different styles and colours are one of the most flattering cuts for all body types. The high-waisted plus-size jeans with a loose fit create an hourglass shape and lengthen your legs. Pair this type of jeans with a bodysuit or plain, slim-fitting shirt to beautify your figure. Elongate your pins with a pair of heels and rock the occasion. For night outs, choose darker shades of denim and experiment with something like rips in the knees and light shades as well. A statement belt can streamline your figure. 

Magic Bullets for Mom Jeans Styling

Mom jeans can be worn anywhere from cafes to art galleries, and night parties. Take some courage to style your mom jeans with some cool factor, cute outfits like a silky blouse. With your biker jacket, plain t-shirt, graffiti top, silk blouse, white sneakers, state belts, and some funky bracelets and necklaces, you can rock any event. Swap your heels and sneakers in matching with your mommy jeans type. If you are still confused about how to style mom jeans, I have listed a few more mom jeans outfit ideas 👇

  • Wear a slim-fit tee or rollneck to make your body look long and streamline your shape
  • Using fishnets under the rips of your jeans only makes you warm but will give a high fashion twist
  • Keep it simple with a sweater and a pair of kitten heels 
  • Denim goes well with any kind of outfit; mix and match with different styles for stylish looks
  • Choose oversized shirts, biker jackets, oversized blazers and sneakers for a casual and fashionable getup.

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