how to become a fashion blogger

How to Become a Fashion Blogger?

Thinking of how to start a fashion blog? or  Want to become a fashion blogger? Now is the right time to pursue your dream. If you are passionate about fashion and style, you may be following the popular fashionistas, fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram or other social handles. A fashion blog is a right platform to pour your ideas and catch tons of opportunities. You would be surprised to see how famous fashion bloggers earn from their blogs and influences. 

Starting a fashion blog is pretty easy but to get it successful and make money is something that is tricky. If you want to tell me that you do fashion blogging just out of fashion, not for money, I agree with you. However, to become a celebrated fashion blogger, you have to know the essence of fashion blogging. 

In this article, I will explain to you how to start a fashion blog and some tips to become a successful fashion blogger. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.  

Choose Your Fashion Blog Niche and Name

Before you check the ins and outs of the blog, I would suggest finding a blog name that suits your fashion type. Choosing the blog niche may probably be easy if you already have real taste in any particular segment of fashion. If you haven’t decided on the niche yet, brainstorm and check whether you can come up with at least 15 blog post ideas in a few minutes. If you nailed it, you’ve got the right niche. 

Once you have chosen your fashion segment, we need to name your blog. Think about the fashion areas and topics you may want to cover, your target audience /readers, and blog style. You can use an online blog name generator, a thesaurus to find a suitable phrase or techniques like alliteration and rhyming to find some simple yet interesting names like “fashionista toast”, “Seal of Style” etc. 

How to become a fashion blogger

While starting a fashion blog, you need to figure out the blog niche and nice that can cut through the noise. Do you a self-examination to understand how often or frequently you follow fashion and what is your favourite area or style you are an expert in. If you are still confused, take a look at the fashion blogs that represent a style that is similar to yours and find a perfect niche that suits your style. 

Choose Web Hosting Service

Once you have selected the blog name, check whether the domain name you have chosen is available. Blogs hosted on sites like Tumblr and Blogspot are great for non-professionals, but if you are planning the blog for monetization prospects, you need to invest in your own domain and a hosting plan. 

Web hosting plays a crucial role in your website. Choosing a web hosting plan is not an easy task. If you are not a tech-savvy person, my personal advice is to get help from your website developer friend or someone whom you personally know about web hosting services. Choosing a user-friendly and affordable web hosting service that includes all features, will be ideal for your fashion blog. 

Once the hosting is purchased, you can build the blog with the help of a developer or install WordPress to start your fashion blog in a few steps. If you are hosting a WordPress blog, you just need to install the perfect fashion theme that suits your blog. After choosing a theme that matches your aesthetic, build the back end of your site with the necessary plugins to ease your work. WordPress offers greater flexibility and control over your blog platform. 

If you want a truly unique theme for your fashion blog,  you may need to pay for a custom-designed WordPress theme. A custom theme will always be an expensive option but valuable if your fashion blog becomes a huge hit.

Your fashion blog may need some key plugins for better optimization. Jetpack, Yoast SEO, Social Share button plugins, etc are some important plugins required for your WordPress blog. 

When your domain name, web host, and blogging platform are all set, it is time to share your fashion ideas. No more waits. You have learned the initial steps to starting a fashion blog. 

Create Content and Start Blogging

So, everything is ready for your new fashionista journey. Start creating blogs on your favourite fashion topics and publish them with interesting pictures and illustrations. Consistency and beautiful images are two integral parts of fashion blogs. Develop a consistent publishing schedule by following an editorial calendar. Keep up with the trends and post quality content on a regular basis. Always keep track of your online competitors and make sure that you are covering all the areas and topics that you as a fashion blogger are supposed to. 

Never compromise the quality of the post by rushing over maintaining the post frequency. Publish your fashion blogs always with a plan and be careful about what you are going to publish. Posting frequency should never come at the cost of post quality. If you can only publish once a week to start, that’s fine – but think carefully about what you’re going to publish in advance. 

About & Contact Us Page

Creating About and Contact pages are equally important as buying a paid theme or quality images. These pages are great ways to build trust and genuinity with your readers. Your readers may not always be curious to read about you but your biodata can create a feeling of authenticity in the mind of the readers. Introduce yourself, talk about your true fashion self and tell them what they can expect from your fashion blog on your ‘About page’. Link to your social profiles from the About page so that your readers can take a glance at your social life and stay in touch with you. As a fashion blogger, it is important to let your personality and styles invincible through the social media spaces. The more they can connect with you, the more they’ll come back.

A contact page is indispensable if you want your target visitors and readers to get in touch with you. You can simply create a Contact page in less than 5 minutes with WPForms, which gets pre-installed on your Bluehost site.

Market your blogs on social media

Market blogs on social media

In this digital era, social media has a keyspace in promoting everything. When it comes to fashion, style, trends, and the latest updates, people get to know more from social media channels. Fashion blogs with great-looking images are ideal for social media marketing. Add social media buttons to your website to help your readers easily connect with your social handles. Build successful social media strategies and campaigns to drive more traffic to your website. This will help your readers get quick updates when you post a fashion blog on your website and increase your blog visitors count. 

Optimize your Blogs for Search Engines

If you want a good sum of organic traffic for your fashion blog, you need to do basic optimization of your articles. Quality blog posts that are properly optimized with images and infographics will add beauty and organic traffic to the site. Length also has an important role; if your blog post is pretty long and covers the topic in a very structured, interesting, and readable way, the chances are high for your blog to get ranked at the top of the Google search result.  So, a blog optimized with proper browser title, description, optimized images, and rich content will be Google’s favourite pick always. 

Monetize Your Fashion Blog

Well, you’ve come this far. Now, you know how to become a fashion blogger. How about learning some tips to start making money from your fashion blog? Here are a few steps you can try to monetize your fashion blog:

Google AdSense: 

Google AdSense lets you display ads on your fashion website, even in the initial stage. 

Advertising networks allow you to earn money on your site easily. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a type of monetization method in which the affiliate earns a commission amount for marketing another company’s or person’s products. In this marketing method, you can recommend products you love and earn a referral commission when your website visitors purchase a product after clicking on the affiliate marketing link. Amazon affiliates are a great monetization option for starters to recommend a lot of fashion products through your website. 

Endorse Branded Content

Reach out to fashion startups and brands to partner with them. Convince them through your influencing the Instagram feed on your blog and also the size of your following.

Here you go, we have covered all the essential steps on how to start a fashion blog.

You’ve identified your fashion blog domain name, set up the web hosting, choose a fashion blog theme, learned about posting and plugins, and already started writing your first fashion post. And, the final take on how to monetize your blog and earn and earn money from it.

So, are you ready to start a fashion blog? Share your first experience in the comments. We’d love to read and know more about your writing journey.

Now that you learned how to start a fashion blog, good luck to become a successful fashion blogger!

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