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Best Couple Tattoo Ideas to Ink Your Love

Like matching outfits, couple tattoos are the latest style statements favoured by people to express or cement their love for their partner. Tattooing is still considered taboo for many people. But if you want to tattoo with your partner, then it is none of others’ business. It doesn’t matter what others think; if you truly desire to go for couple linking, let the world tell whatever they want. 

Couple tattoos are one-of-a-kind permanent ways to cement your relationship. For those who are planning to inscribe something unique as a symbol of your love, you’re at the right place. We have curated some of the best couple tattoo ideas that can be used to celebrate your love together. Rather than typical name tattoos, we have rounded up some bespoke couple tattoo ideas right from delicate finger insignias to large unconventional motifs. 

Different Couple Tattoo Ideas

Inking couple tattoos are a way of showing love and commitment to each other. Couple tattoos are usually a symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. There are many different types of couple tattoos that you can get with your partner, but some of them have a more special meaning. Some people might not want to get the same tattoo as their partner, so they will get something that is different from the other person’s tattoo. If you want to show your love and commitment without needing to say it, these are some of the best tattoos for couples. Express your love in a unique and beautiful way with these quirky body art designs. Given below are some of the classic and best couple tattoo ideas you should try.

Small Couple tattoos

Small couple tattoo ideas

Get your significant other’s attention with these cute, small tattoos. Small couple tattoos are a great idea to show your love if you haven’t tattooed before.  Step up your game with tiny cute tattoos to express your mutual love in a unique way. Let it be a tiny design of butterflies, birds, half-moons or anything, if that impresses you, ink it on your body.

Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring finger couple tattoo

Tattoos inked on the ring finger symbolize eternal love and commitment. You can also choose to get a small tattoo on your ring fingers instead of getting one on your arm or back. Let those ring fingers connect you both throughout your lifetime. Your ring finger tattoos can be anything that is minimal in size but thrills you the most. 

King and Queen Tattoos

King queen couple tattoos

King and Queen tattoos are very popular among couples. Some people might want to wear crowns or king and queen tattoos. If you both treat each other like a King and Queen, why wait to get it etched on your skin? There are different stylish designs of King and Queen tattoos for couples, be it boyfriend-girlfriend duo or husband and wife.

Crown Tattoos

crown couple tattoo idea

Crown tattoos are a sign of royalty, suited especially for those who take their responsibilities seriously and feel confident, ambitious, and powerful. It can be small, large, black or multicoloured; you can ink it on your wrist, hand, legs, or wherever you like on your body. Though the crowns have a similar shape, they need not be made in similar designs. You can add a lot of creativity to it and make your crowns unique.  

Infinity Tattoos

Infinity couple tattoos

Infinity means endlessness. Infinity tattoos are a reminder to never stop chasing your dreams and to always keep on going! These forever tattoos are very trendy among the youth. You can customize your infinity tattoos with a touch of love, faith, hope, longing, devotion, etc to create a positive vibe throughout your life. Customize your couple infinity tattoos that flaunt extraordinary beauty and affection.

Skull Couple Tattoos

skull couple tattoos

If you are looking for exceptional couple tattoo ideas, then skull couple tattoos are worth considering. For those who want something different for their couple tattoos, I bet you would love skull tattoos. Inking skull tattoos are considered a different way to symbolize the fact that death does not scare you. 

Butterfly Couple Tattoos

butterfly couple tattoo idea

Listed on the top of the couple tattoo ideas, this beautiful and simple form of tattoo is popular among those who love nature, beauty, and freedom. You can choose your butterfly couple tattoos in different patterns. But let your tattoo artist create your butterfly tattoos in classic black colour to recreate your love in its cutest form.

Animal Tattoos

animal couple tattoos

How about tattooing your pet’s image? If you both are obsessed with your pets, get this done to represent your love for them. It will be really cute and happy to see the designs of your kittens or puppies when you miss them at your workplace or somewhere away from home.

Yin Yang Tattoos

ying yang couple tattoos

Yin-Yang design is one of the top couple tattoo ideas preferred by a lot of couples these days. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the Yin and Yang concept represents opposite forces that may be complementary and interdependent in all aspects of the world and life. Two halves of the same whole – while Yin symbolises femaleness, earth, and receptive nature, Yang symbolises maleness, light, and activeness. Ink these romantic tattoos on your hands as an icon of your interrelation with each other.

Anchor Tattoos

anchor couple tattoos

Anchor tattoos were primarily seen on sailors, marine people, and those who are extremely fond of sea voyages. But now matching anchor tattoos are inked on the body by couples as a symbol of passion, loyalty, respect, care and endless love that they have for each other. So anchor tattoos for couples give a strong indication of a long journey together. Do a matching anchor tattoo with your couple to make a word of having a long-lasting life together.

Heartbeat Tattoos

heartbeat tattoos

Heartbeat couple tattoos also referred to as EKG line tattoos look similar to the wavy lines shown as electrical signals of your heart. These tattoos are intricate designs that can beautifully express your love for each other. It’s better to tattoo it on your ring fingers, chest, or wrist. You can incorporate different features to make the design more classy. Customize your heartbeat tattoos with your name, love symbol, anniversary dates, love quotes, or anything that you want to see or remember for a lifespan.

Long Distance Relationship Tattoos

long distance relationship tattoos

These tattoos are excellent designs to express your love and connect with your partner over long distances. Perfect for long-distance relationships, this tattoo represents your never-ending love for your partner who is physically away from you. Long-distance couples can opt for connecting tattoos to symbolise how you and your better half are always connected despite being thousands of miles apart.

Couple Travel Tattoos

couple travel tattoos

Travelling around the world is one of the most interesting things we can do. People express their passion for travel in different ways, with Travel tattoos being one of the most popular. If your partner is your travel buddy, inking travel tattoos is one of the finest couple tattoo ideas. Matching compass travel tattoos, sea waves and palm tree combination, sailor ship and compass, ocean and mountain, world map couple tattoos, outline map and aeroplane, are some of the interesting couple tattoo combinations for travel enthusiasts. If travelling the world is your dream, get the best colourful, small, quirky, super cool travel couple tattoos that signify your love for travel.

Promise Tattoos

promise tattoos for couples

Still, believes in pinky promises? Ink it on your body. You can customize the promise couple tattoos that suit your statement. Be it the pinky promise design or simply the word promise, it has some significance in everyone’s life. If you too think that the word “promise” is special to your partner and you, there is no better way to celebrate it than it getting it inked on your body.

Disney Couple Tattoos

Isn’t it crazy to express your love with Disney character tattoos? Disney fans would really appreciate this couple tattoo idea to represent their eternal love for each other. Carl and Ellie from the movie “Up”, Couples’ tattoos of Simba and Nala, Peter Pan and Wendy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Belle and the Beast, and Jack Skellington and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” are some of the thrilling designs from Disney for your couple tattoos. Jack and Sally couple tattoos are one of my favourites.

Fruit Tattoos

fruit tattoos for couples

Tattoo your favourite fruit design on your hands or legs, if you want to get some cute couple tattoos. You can find a variety of beautiful fruit tattoo designs. Let your tattoo artist bring them to life with amazing creativity. Convey your concept to your artist and let them customize the fruit tattoo designs according to your idea.

Martini Glass Tattoos

martini glass tattoos

The matching martini couple tattoo is perfect for couples who enjoy and love parties. Martini glass tattoo comes under the minimal couple tattoo ideas. You can choose from a wide range of martini glass patterns according to your taste for drinks and glasses.

Couple Puzzle Tattoos

Are you a crazy puzzle-solver duo? Then, ink puzzle tattoos on your hands. More than just mysteries, a puzzle tattoo is actually a metaphor for couples who match perfectly. Giving an indication of completing and complementing each other, puzzle tattoos are an ideal couple tattoo choice to symbolise your connection and intimacy. It’s a favourite for those who want to show they have ‘found their missing piece’.

Minimalist Couple Tattoos

minimalist couple tattoos

If you want to ink something subtle and modest, minimalist couple tattoos are a perfect choice. You don’t have to spend hours getting inked for minimalist couple tattoos. Minimalist tattoos suit everyone; you can choose a different style for both your better half and you to make it significantly amazing. Symbolize your love with something uncommon like these designs > ⧪ ⧫ ⧬ ➼ ➹ ⟴ ➴ ⥉ ⥈ ⤠ ⬲ ➲. You can choose anything that senses nuance to you to get the message of love across.

Tribal Tattoos

tribal couple tattoos

Tribal tattoos carry significant meaning pertaining to different cultures. Each design has a specific meaning. However, if you have respect for tribal culture and love these tattoo patterns, you can create an authentic piece on your body. Artists who take inspiration from tribal culture images and traditional designs will be able to create something special just for the two of you. Tailor-made tribal tattoos will give a distinctive look for you.

Heart Tattoos

heart couple tattoos

Heart symbols or the word love are some of the simplest couple tattoo designs opted for by people even today. Make a simple yet bold statement with your love couple tattoos. For the most romantic couples, these love tattoos mean a lot in expressing their simple, powerful and intense love. Be it on your wrist, ring finger, sleeve, or anywhere on your body, it will definitely be the most important piece you would cherish in your lifetime.

Initial Tattoos

If you are looking for some simple couple tattoo ideas, initial tattoos would be ideal. Having your significant half’s initials inked on your body- doesn’t that sound romantic? What else do you need if a single letter can remind you of some matchless memories and connect with your partner in his/her absence? Initial tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate your love for your other half. 

Gamers’ Tattoo

gamer couple tattoos

If you both are gamers, there is something you can rejoice. Whether you are a tag team fan or a cricket or soccer player, or a video gamer couple, this tattoo is a perfect way to ink with your lover. Immortalise your love with your partner using this romantic boyfriend-girlfriend couple tattoo design.

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