Places to visit in Georgia

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia surely deserves to be called one of the best places to visit on earth because of its beautifully rich nature, pristine beaches, castles, old churches, hiking trails, and wonderful topography. As the country is becoming one of the tourist hotspots with enthralling attractions, a huge number of travel lovers and holiday enthusiasts visit this country every year. What makes Georgia attractive for millions around the world is its numerous beholding attractions in the form of wonderful nature, magnificent mountains, amusement parks, freshwater, camping opportunities, wildlife refuges, local delicacies, years-old wine culture, and everything Georgia reserves. This article covers all the major attractions and must-visit places in Georgia.

Major Attractions of Georgia- Places to Visit

Blessed with the beautiful sight of vibrant cities, breathtaking mountains, beaches etc, you can dive into the bounty of Georgia’s natural paradise. Apart from all the natural and man-made wonders in Georgia, you will be welcomed by very friendly people and delicate cuisine in Georgia. When you plan your holiday trip to Georgia, include the below mentioned Georgian places in your list to make your tour wonderful.


Without mentioning Tbilisi, a visit to Georgian places would be incomplete. Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia is one of the best cities to visit in Georgia. While you visit Tbilisi, you can feel the long fairy tales this city can tell you about its amazing history, architecture, culture, and everything.  With the quaint alleys, rustic houses and charming courtyards along with exotic markets, ancient fortresses, there is no deficit of attractions in Tbilisi.


Ushguli is an incredible place located in the Caucasian mountain region of Svaneti. It is actually a small place with a collection of several villages hemmed with imposing mountains and dozens of watchtowers at the entrance. The geographical features and settlement structure clearly indicates the continuous dwelling and building traditions of the region. You can find a lot of Svan families living in harmony with the natural environment. Like most of the Georgian places, Ushguli is also famous for its monumental wonders, minor arts, paintings, historical buildings, rich culture, and authenticity. Get a one day stay in Ushguli and enjoy the delicious dinner and copious wine.

Mount Kazbek

Lies in the lap of the Caucasus mountain range, Georgia has incredible mountains with snowy peaks for trekking enthusiasts and climbers. It has also a crucial place in Georgian folklore. Gergeti Trinity Church, the icon of Georgia, stands over the Kazbegi region. The view of the church and the mountain ranges offers a blended panorama of the architectural marvel and beautiful landscape. 

Narikala Fortress

Settled near the Kura river, Narikala Fortress is the landmark of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Dating back to the 4th century, the fortress has a long historical background to tell its visitors.


Batumi is one of the major attractions of Georgia which has a lot of interesting tourist spots for visitors. Situated on the coast of the Black Sea, under the Caucasus Mountains, Batumi is the second-largest city in the country. The place is rich with a gorgeous botanical garden, nightclubs, black pebble beaches and modern architecture. A visit to Batumi will bring you cherished memories for a lifetime. 

Lake Ritsa

If you are a true picnic lover, then Lake Ritsa is the best place to hang out in Georgia. Located in Abkhazia, this lake is surrounded by majestic mountains and mesmerising views that will fascinate you. During your holiday to Georgia, Lake Ritsa is a must-visit place

National Infantry Museum 

The National Infantry Museum in Georgia is rich with the fascinating history of Georgia. If you want to explore the history of Georgia, then take a visit to the National Infantry Museum and you will find a wide range of interesting exhibits, artefacts, and presentations about centuries-old Georgia. 

Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity Church plays a seminal role while making your itinerary to Georgia. Constructed in the 14th century, this church enjoys the Caucasus Mountains in the backdrop. This beautiful landscape view makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Georgia.  How short your schedule is, make sure to visit the stunning Gergeti church, which is dwelled on a hilltop below Mt Kazbegi, at a height of 2160 meters above sea level! 


Being one of Georgia’s most extraordinary cave cities, Uplistsikhe is truly a unique place to visit in Georgia. How about exploring the stunning cellars, tunnels and ancient rock structures of caves? Seems interesting, right? Then make sure to take a visit to Uplistsikhe and explore this oldest natural cave of Georgia. You will definitely be amazed to see this gorgeous natural miracle. 


Mtskheta, known as the soul of Georgia, is one of its must-visit oldest towns. Because of this unique nature and grand structure, this UNESCO World Heritage site is considered the spiritual heart of Georgia. While you visit Mtskheta, you may visit the major landmarks of this city such as Armazi Fortress, Jvari Monastery and St Nino Monastery along with several remarkable churches such as the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. 

Special Attractions of Georgia

While visiting Georgia, there are some places and things you should not miss. The Narikala Fortress, the clock tower in Tbilisi, Sulphur Baths in Abanotubani, Ethnographic Museum, Karalashvili’s Wine Cellar, Jvari Monastery, Wine Tasting Tour in Kakheti, etc to make your holidays wonderful. Buying an attractive package will leave you tension-free upon booking cheap flight tickets and help you ensure that you get the chance to experience almost all the major attractions and must-explore things in Georgia. 

Whether you choose a Georgia holiday package or a self-made trip, make sure that your itinerary includes all the above list of Georgian places in your places for visit. 

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