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Top 15 Malls in Dubai for the Best Shopping Experience

Shopping in Dubai is an amazing experience with a distinct vibe. Right from shopping for dresses to having food and fun, family time or romantic moments, malls in Dubai offer exciting shopping and entertainment. If you think malls in Dubai are expensive, they really aren’t. Shopping malls in Dubai are famous for their elegant interiors and humongous shops for all brands and budget items. Dubai is a shopping paradise, with numerous malls and souks offering a wide range of products, including luxury goods, electronics, clothing, and gold. You can find sales in some of these malls every month. The Dubai shopping festival, held at the start of each year, is a time when most Dubai malls and shopping centres host festivals, entertainment, and sales.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Not just the largest shopping mall in Dubai, The Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Located in the heart of Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), this shopping mall in Dubai features over 1,200 stores offering a diverse range of products, including luxury fashion, electronics, jewellery, and more. The mall also includes a cinema complex, an indoor theme park, an ice rink, and a large food court. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy various attractions such as the Dubai Fountain show and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Under one roof, the mall houses more than 1200 retail stores, including H&M, Zara, and several luxury labels.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Festival City Mall Dubai

Dubai Festival City Mall is another large shopping mall in Dubai that features more than 400 stores. Located in Dubai Festival City, which has a lot of world-class luxury hotels and shopping spaces, the mall houses a lot of brands, including several anchor tenants such as IKEA, Carrefour, Charles & Keith, DKNY, and Marks & Spencer, as well as a wide range of beauty, fashion, and electronics retailers. The mall also features a range of dining options, a cinema complex, and a children’s play area. In addition, Dubai Festival City Mall is known for its iconic waterfront location and impressive architectural features, including a stunning light and sound show called “IMAGINE,” held every evening. This Dubai mall is a great spot for kids, with various entertainment options.

Mall of Emirates

The Mall of Emirates is a popular shopping mall in Dubai, attracting millions of visitors each year. Located in Al Barsha, near Interchange 4 on Sheikh Zayed Road, this Dubai mall features over 560 stores, including a variety of international and local brands, as well as a range of dining options, a cinema complex, and a ski slope (an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai). In addition, the Mall of the Emirates is known for its distinctive design and luxury shopping, couture and street-style fashion outlets, and department stores with high-end fashion and jewellery stores, including several designer boutiques. You can also enjoy Dubai’s favourite snacks and drinks here after a long day of shopping.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall, named after the famous 14th-century traveller and explorer, Ibn Battuta, is one of the most famous shopping malls in Dubai. Located in the convenient area of Jebel Ali, near Interchange 6 on Sheikh Zayed Road, the mall is unique in its design, with each of its six courts themed after a different country visited by Ibn Battuta during his travels, including six countries: China, India, Persia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Andalusia.

Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall

The mall features high ceilings, a mammoth golden elephant sculpture, and elaborate tiling that are visually impressive for every visitor. The mall ensembles over 400 retail stores, comprising a range of international and local brands, a cinema complex, a food court, and a variety of dining options. 

Dubai Marina Mall

Marina Mall Dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai Marina, a man-made canal city in Dubai, the Dubai Marina Mall is a shopping centre that a lot of travellers and residents of Dubai visit for fun, entertainment, and shopping. Situated in Dubai Marina, near Interchange 5 on Sheikh Zayed Road, the mall features a range of stores, including several anchor tenants, as well as a cinema complex, a food court, and several dining spots. Marina Mall offers a good family shopping experience with beauty services and stores that cater to high-street fashion items. The mall is also a popular spot for tourists and residents, offering easy access to several nearby hotels and residential buildings. In addition, Dubai Marina Mall is known for its unique location, offering scenic views of the surrounding marina and waterfront promenade. 

Nakheel Mall

Nakheel Mall is one of the latest additions to the Dubai shopping experience. Located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s iconic artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, Nakheel Mall in Dubai beckons shopaholics with its wide range of retail options, including several fashion boutiques, a food court, and a good number of dining options. In addition, Nakheel Mall is known for its prime location at the base of Palm Jumeirah, offering visitors a unique shopping experience enclosed by scenic views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline. The mall is also conveniently located near certain residential communities, making it a popular shopping destination for both tourists and local residents. The major attractions of this premium lifestyle shopping mall in Dubai include the 4D movie theatres at Vox Cinemas, Trampo Extreme Nakheel Mall, an indoor playground, and more. 

The Outlet Village

Dubai Outlet Village Mall

The Outlet Village is literally a luxury outlet mall in Dubai that offers a nice shopping experience with discounted prices on high-end fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. Located in Jebel Ali, near Interchange 6 on Sheikh Zayed Road and a 40-minute drive from Downtown Dubai, the Outlet Village is known for its unique design and Mediterranean-style village atmosphere. This Dubai mall features over 150 stores, including a range of international and local brands, as well as a range of dining options. If you are a bargain hunter looking for year-round sales and factory outlets that give an affordable shopping experience with a focus on luxury brands and designer labels, the Outlet Village is a must-visit. You can find a lot of designer labels, such as Michael Kors, Aldo, GAP and Carolina Herrera, and premium dining outlets at this Dubai mall. When I visited the Outlet Village, I got a chance to buy a few jeans and shirts from the brand GAP at affordable rates. I would say, this is must visit shopping mall in Dubai, if you are a shopaholic person.

Dubai Hills Mall

Dubai Hills Mall

Dubai Hills Mall is a shopping mall located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It features a wide range of stores and dining options, as well as entertainment facilities such as a cinema and family entertainment centre. The mall opened in 2019 and is part of the larger Dubai Hills Estate development, which also includes residential properties, parks, and golf courses.

Dubai Festival Plaza

Dubai Festival Plaza is a one-stop shopping mall in Dubai that offers fashion and home furnishings. Opened in 2016 in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai, this mall in Dubai offers a variety of luxury shopping and entertainment possibilities, including international brands and local retailers. The mall is easily accessible by road transportation and also features more than 120 shops, a cinema, a family entertainment centre, a community garden with workshops for plant lovers, several event spaces, and over 40 dining spots with food chains including Sumo Sushi & Bento, Peppermill, and Keventers.

Oasis Mall

Dubai Oasis Mall

As a shopping freak, I used to visit almost all shopping malls in Dubai during my vacations to UAE. Dubai Oasis Mall offers a diverse shopping experience and it boasts outlets of various international and local brands. You can find a curated selection of selected shops for fashion enthusiasts, and lifestyle freaks. stands as a vibrant retail haven in the heart of Dubai, offering a diverse shopping experience. During my visit, I checked some of the spa centres in the Oasis Mall for a rejuvenating experience. Conveniently located, Dubai Oasis Mall invites visitors to its vibrant atmosphere, boutiques, culinary delights, and premier shopping destinations.

Wafi Mall

Known for its distinctive Egyptian-inspired architecture and design, this Arabian-style shopping mall in Dubai is a spot for a variety of Middle Eastern fashion boutiques, international and local shops, dining spots, and entertainment facilities, including a theatre. The mall is an iconic sight for visitors and is located in the Oud Metha area of Dubai, and is easily accessible by road and public transportation. Wafi Mall is part of the larger Wafi City development, which also includes residential properties, hotels, and a leisure and entertainment complex.

Burjuman Centre

One of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai, Burjuman still attracts hundreds of visitors with its distinctive features, family-shopping feel, and contemporary style. Burjuman is located in the heart of Dubai’s central business district and is smoothly accessible by road and public transportation. It was actually one of the first modern shopping centres in Dubai and has undergone several expansions and renovations since its establishment to keep up with the city’s growing retail industry. The mall hosts a variety of international and local brands, as well as food spaces and entertainment facilities. 

Mercato Shopping Mall

Mercato Shopping Mall is a shopping centre located in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was one of the first malls in Dubai and has a distinctive Mediterranean-inspired design. Mercato Mall is famous for its Renaissance-time Italian village ambience, complemented by pizzas and cobbled floors. The mall features a variety of international brands, including GAP, H&M, Mango, and Bershka, in addition to local shops. This exquisite Dubai mall is a popular location for dining outlets that offer authentic Arabian food and entertainment facilities for both kids and adults. Mercato is popular among both local residents and tourists and is recommended for its exceptional environment and family-friendly facilities.

City Centre Mirdif

City Centre Mirdif Dubai

City Centre Mirdif is a shopping mall located in Mirdif, Dubai. Housing more than 400 retail stores, City Centre Mirdif includes a good number of fashion stores, restaurants, and entertainment hubs that allure everyone from families to adventure seekers. The mall was opened in 2007, and it is one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai, with several department stores, an indoor skydiving option, spots for gamers, a kids’ play area, and more. City Centre Mirdif is known for its distinctive design, which includes a central dome and an open-air central court.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Unlike other luxurious malls in Dubai, Souk Madinat Jumeirah is an outdoor mall that offers a unique shopping experience. This shopping complex, located in Jumeirah, Dubai, is a mix of modern shops and traditional stores selling souvenirs and artefacts. It features a unique Arabic-inspired design and includes a variety of local shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a traditional souk-style market. The complex is part of the larger Madinat Jumeirah resort, which also comprises several hotels, a private beach, and a range of leisure and entertainment hubs. Souk Madinat Jumeirah is known for its tranquil atmosphere and its offerings, attracting both travellers and local residents.

City Walk

Dubai City Walk

City Walk is an open-air lifestyle shopping destination in Dubai that spans over 10 million sq ft. Located in the heart of Dubai, this shopping destination is known for fun, entertainment, shopping, and a variety of dining options. Situated near Al Safa Street in close proximity to Jumeirah Street, this lifestyle space offers visitors an amazing feeling of comfort. Designed to develop as a city within the city, City Walk has evolved as a highly recommended destination for tourists and residents alike to socialise, shop, dine, and spend some quality time in a tranquil atmosphere. The complex is designed to offer visitors an outdoor shopping and dining experience, with a variety of public spaces and pedestrian-friendly walkways. City Walk is also home to the Canadian University Dubai

Trip to Dubai

It is a widely known fact that Dubai is a popular shopping destination, known for its large and diverse range of shopping choices, including luxury malls and traditional souks. The city is home to many high-end international brands, as well as local and regional retailers. Apart from the aforementioned most popular shopping destinations in Dubai, such as the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and City Walk, there are a lot of Dubai malls and shopping centres that offer a wondrous experience for shopaholic people. Furthermore, Dubai is a luxury hub that offers a range of dining, entertainment, and leisure options, including cinemas, family entertainment centres, and theme parks, making it a popular destination for families and visitors of all ages. The latest additions such as the Dubai Future Museum, La Perle, Palm Tower, etc are worth visiting.

Plan your next trip to Dubai and enjoy this city!

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