Valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is not exclusively meant for couples, it can be celebrated with anyone you relish. Not just Valentine’s Day, every day is perfect to show your token of love for your beloved ones. However, February 14 is marked for its historic significance and we take this day to express our love towards our most significant ones- partner, friend, parents, and even kids. When was the last time I bought a gift for someone?🤔I don’t remember…Now, thinking of how I can help you? No worries, I always had some plans to amaze him with wonderful gifts. But, seriously, gifts were given the very least importance in my life. And I haven’t gifted my people anything on Valentine’s days. Still, I can share some interesting ideas about what to choose for your Valentine.  If you are searching for the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her or him, this article contains all the modest gift options for the love of your life. 

How much you spend or what you gift doesn’t matter. If you really want to make their day, you can even think of sharing some memorable experience like a romantic dinner, sky diving or something like that. Ultimately, it is all about spending quality time with them and expressing your love. When you give your full heart to your gifts, it would be special. Let’s surprise them with something unique in our way. 

Recreate Your First Date

Make this Valentine’s day extra special by recreating your first date. Take your partner back to that romantic first date moment. Invite your sweetheart to relive that exciting moment – whether it is a dinner or activities. Even if you have moved, find places and activities similar to your first date to revive those memories this Valentine’s Day. 

Reasons Why I Love Stuff

This is an evergreen gift you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Let it be a blank Notebook or personalised frame, fill it with every single reason why you love him or her. This is one of my personal favourites because my bae gifted me a “101 reasons why I love You” T-shirt one decade ago, anyhow not a V-Day gift.

Romantic Date

Organize a romantic date with your partner to make this Valentine’s Day more remarkable. Be it a drive-in concert, romantic dinner, at-home movie date, staycation, or a stargazing night date in a scenic place, plan it in a unique way to impress your partner. 

Custom Portrait

Custom portraits that outline an all-time favourite moment or instance from your life, is a great idea for your Valentine’s Day gift. This portrait that includes a lovable memory will definitely make his or her tears flow with happiness. 

Night Outing

Make your significant half happy with a memorable night out and cherish the nighttime indulging in the club vibes or party fun this love season. Enjoy a couple of drinks, fun dancing, and enjoy the party spirit after clubbing the whole night. This night out with your loved one is best to carry some lovable memories for many days to come. 


Work out your long-time plan for a staycation successful on this universal love day. Take your partner out to a lovely holiday spot and create some beautiful memories together. Away from the hustle and bustle of life, spend some time together with your precious one and fill their heart with joy and love. 

Love Notes Memory Jar

Break off gifting traditional gift items and present a bespoke personalised gift to your loved one with a Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar. Fill this lovely memory jar with special notes between you and your partner and gift them to express your love in a very special way. 

Infinity Flowers

Who wouldn’t love flower gifts? Tucked inside the box, these preserved flowers will remind them of your love long after Valentine’s day. Unlike fresh flowers, these eternal red or pink roses are super cool options to amaze your partner. 

Love Rings

A love ring as its name indicates is a lovely gift to your significant other. Love rings are available in different styles and you can choose a unique one that suits your partner.

Personalised Handwritten Note Bracelet

Custom handwriting note bracelet is one of the most unique jewellery choices if you are planning to gift your loved one with something unique and precious. Make the jewellery meaningful with a beautifully etched handwritten note and let him/her wear a love letter around their wrist.

Scannable Light Up Photo Plaque


Light-up scannable photo plaque is a unique gift for your love on this special day. You can customise this plaque with your favourite photo and a song that’s special to you – like the song you repeatedly played when you fell in love with him for the first time or the song that touches his heartstrings. Scan the customised Spotify code text to play music with the perfect light effect. 

Branded Sunglasses

What can be a better gift for your bae who loves a classic pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are truly a quite customary yet classy gift for your Valentine. Upgrade his/her frames with elegant sunglasses that go with every outfit. 

Assorted Wine Set

How about gifting a set of different wines for your wine-lover partner? Yes, make it a delightful experience you both can enjoy by gifting an assortment of wines. Surprise your valentine with the wine set and indulge in that ecstatic time with them. 

Love Tokens

Love token Valentines Day Gift
Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

Love Tokens are a perfect track to tell your beloved one what you want to love them, in the most romantic way. Custom love tokens can be used to tell your partner to choose what they want or do next. 

Anniversary Date Frames

Image credit: Amazon

One way to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable is by gifting an anniversary date frame to look back at the events that mattered the most in your relationship — the date you first met, got married, and gave birth to your kids. He or she will cherish this memorable gift for years to come. 

Zodiac Jewellery

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Giving a zodiac necklace, ring, or bracelet is another great way to awe your lover. Know his or her star sign and create custom jewellery to make them proud to own this precious gift. 

Let this Valentine’s Day be the time to surprise your partner in the best way. Try something from the list above and make her heart full of happiness. Ready to give your loved one the perfect gift? They’re gonna love your V-Day gift.

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