How to be yourself

How to Become More of Yourself?

I was thinking about the difference between How to be Yourself and How to become more of Yourself. Don’t be confused. I will take you to what I am going to talk exactly about. Embracing your true self: that’s what I actually meant. But how can you be true to yourself or become more of yourself? Have you ever discussed this with your friends? Yes, I have. With some soulful friends, I had this discussion many times during our night stay away from family. 

All I am telling about is the importance of embracing our true self

Though some of the below-mentioned thoughts were not discussed in our conversations, they really came very often in our chats and debates online. I am writing this to make many of us strongly believe that we should be truly ourselves and should grow as we wish in the best possible way, embracing self, regardless of everything that is around us. 

How to be Yourself

Listen to your Heart

We were always taught to suppress our voice, our emotions, our feelings, and what people around us don’t accept or like. Let yourself get off from that. Listen to the voice of your heart and live from that space that guides you. Don’t try to suppress what your heart says. When your heart begins to say it loud, again and again, believe…that’s what you want in your life. 

Appreciate Who You Are

No matter how strange you are, respect and appreciate yourself! Each person is distinctive in one way or other. Don’t try to be perfect, everyone has some kind of flaws and foibles in them. Appreciate yourself with those imperfections and try to be your best. 

Prioritise Yourself

Learn to prioritise yourself before someone makes you do what they want in life. When you start prioritising things that you like, you may be scorned away at first. Don’t give up; live your life to the fullest, appreciate your comfort, interests, and values. It’s not that you shouldn’t engage with other people. It’s all about learning the way to put yourself first is just a part of the journey. Sticking to that path may be challenging but profound. 

Take Courage to Live Authentically

Being true to yourself is not that easy. Telling the truth at any given point is what you need to practice. Don’t be afraid to open up about what you strongly believe and do things that really matter to you.  We are taught to believe that telling the truth and living genuinely is tough. But you know what? Not doing that is really challenging. Once you start living boldly and authentically, it may piss off people at first. But then they tell, “If she can do that, I wonder why couldn’t I do that?” 

Live with Integrity

Living with integrity is not about doing the right thing. When you find the dictionary meaning of integrity as having strong moral principles, don’t get confused. I am talking about the quality of being honest to yourself. Here you don’t have two selves – what you really feel is what you say, what you really want is what you choose. 

Forgive Yourself for Happiness

Forgive yourself if you think you have done something wrong like talking without thinking twice, being impatient or rude to someone, etc. We are a blend of intuitions, emotions, feelings, and imagination- it’s changing all the time. Accept those flaws and direct yourself in a way that is sensible to you. 

Make plans with people you want

Many times I am rebuked for my way of life- but I don’t want to achieve things and make plans with people I don’t want anymore in life. If you have a partner, would you force them to do something that makes them feel worse? No. So why would you do that to yourself?

Choose your Way

When your heart says you to do something you feel right, go ahead. Don’t complicate things by listening to people around you. I think when most of us make a choice, we think, Am I going to hurt people I love, or will they think negative of me? If you are trying to control this hurt and hatred, you may get stuck in that. So move on, make great decisions in life without regrets. 

Seek for What You Want to Accomplish

Always strive for what you want to accomplish in your journey. It is not just getting stuck in the status quotes. Don’t get worried about judgments if you have very clear decisions. Keep going…

Ready to Be Yourself for the Rest of Your Life?

When we live in confusion and indecisiveness, it is hard to adore our precious life in the way that we want to live it. It’s really difficult to live making everyone happy around us. If you lost some people in life after telling the truth, don’t worry, those were people supposed to be lost. We all need to decide between “play in safe”, worrying about the downside or “take a chance”, being who we really are for a life that our heart desires. 

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