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Best Side Hustles to Make Money

Side hustles are the ones that professionals take up after their regular 9-to-5 job. It allows you to pursue projects that are truly your passion. And the financial side of having two jobs is also extremely beneficial. The 9–5 job usually does not cater to your needs and requirements, especially when you are at the beginning or starting stage of your career. This can be detrimental when your routine job faces an unexpected obstruction and you lose it. This can be done when you are starting your job,  when you need that extra cash in college to meet expenses, or when you are facing a career gap due to unprecedented reasons. Whatever the reason, a side hustle can easily keep you on your toes and help you be confident. When you search for side hustle ideas, you get a lot of options for earning more side income online and offline. 

Side Hustle Ideas 

A lot of people make lucrative incomes via side hustles. In this article, we have listed 40 side hustle ideas that you can use to make more extra income.  The below-listed side hustle ideas include online and offline side jobs that you can take advantage of:

  • Online tutoring

Online tutoring can be considered one of the best side hustle ideas that you can consider to make extra income. It can earn you a good amount of money, and you choose what you want to teach. Students are preferring one-on-one classes after their normal classes. You have the option of enrolling in tutoring academies or starting on your own. So, if you are interested in private tutoring, there are several openings to become a tutor, partnering with online tutoring firms and working individually. 

  • Transcribing Audio

If you are someone with excellent typing skills and far fewer typos over the entire course, then this might be your best shot. You can easily earn more than $20  per hour. You are a hot shot in the transcription business if you have a medical or legal education background. Becoming a transcriptionist is one of the successful online side hustle ideas that allows you to work from home, transcribing the audio in each clip. Sites like Transcribeme and Speakwrite give you plentiful opportunities in this field. 

  • Blogging and writing

If you have a good way with words, then this will be the best side hustle idea for you to follow your passion. Blogging is not as easy as it sounds, and it takes a lot of time to get it right and start making money from it. When it reaches the stage of complete development, it will cost you around $1000 a month. Whether you like travel blogging, fashion blogging or even cooking, you just need to find your niche and get started on it. Write and drive in traffic, and slowly you will be earning even more than your normal mundane job. If you own a website, blogging is one of the most lucrative side hustles that help you earn a good income through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, sponsorship, etc. 

  • Resume writing
Resume writing for side hustle

If you are someone who people approach to write good resumes and cover letters, then you are on the grid to get a handful of jobs just by doing what you used to do for free before. Resume writing is a very niche and demanding job opportunity for those who are looking for both side hustles and full-time work. 

  • Stock Market Trading

Stock market trading has been evolving as a valid side hustle for many professionals out there. It needs you to learn and understand, and once you are a pro and move further in the game, you can charge fees to manage others’ stock profiles. 

  • Data Entry

Data entry is an excellent side job if you are looking for a part-time or full-time activity to work within the comfort of your home. If you have some basic computer skills and good internet connectivity, you can take up this side hustle easily. Although some data entry jobs require you to complete your work before a specific deadline, you are often free to work according to your time and comfort. This side hustle is perfect to earn a good income and maintain a work-life balance. 

  • Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is another side hustle to make money simply by selling products online. Dropshipping is a very low-risk and low-investment option that you have to make in the marketing of the products. In dropshipping, whenever an order is placed without stocking or selling products directly to the customers, you can make an extra amount. Here, you don’t have to stock the products or ship them directly; instead, your supplier will handle all these things at a marked-up rate. The price you pay to your supplier will be less than the rate you sell for, thereby pocketing a decent profit. The manufacturer sends you the products, and you just have to market and sell them. If you manage that, then you will be able to make good profits. Find a niche market and use your marketing skills to sell it. 

  • Sell products on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace

If you have a lot of unused items, such as furniture or electronics, you should think about selling them. You could just list them on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace and sell them to earn that extra money. It takes time to find the ideal buyer who is really interested in buying the products. You can make it a side hustle by doing it for others and earning a small commission on the same. 

  • Freelancing (freelance writing)

Freelancing for businesses, especially content writing, is available in plenty. Because content is the master of many marketing strategies, it is both important and difficult. You just need to have a good grasp of spelling and grammar to be a successful freelance content writer. The secret to becoming a successful freelancer is charging for the value and results you bring to your client.

  • YouTubing /Start a YouTube Channel
YouTube channel for side hustle

YouTube is a website that has an abundance of information about everything under the sun and even beyond. Starting a YouTube channel is the best way to earn some extra cash, but it doesn’t come easy. You need to find your niche and start creating high-quality content, and once you have your subscribers rolling in, your ability to earn increases. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer is another lucrative side hustle idea to make an extra income. Affiliate marketing is where you make content about a certain set of products and services, and your subscribers or viewers start buying from the link you provide. This helps you earn a small commission from each purchase made using your link. The best way to kick-start your affiliate marketing is to start an Instagram page with niche content. There are even companies that pay affiliate marketers to bring them, new customers. 

  • SEO Consulting 

If you are an expert in search engine optimization, SEO consulting is one of the best-recommended side hustles to make money online. However, in order to profit from this side hustle, you must have a fair understanding of various SEO techniques as well as analytical insights into the same. If you have experience working with a leading SEO company, that will be an added advantage for this side job. 

  • Renting out unused spaces

If you have unused space in your home or garage, you can benefit from it by renting out the spaces as AirBNBs. You get paid 24 hours after check-in by the guests. This is a good side hustle without needing to learn or be good at anything in particular. 

  • Online Print-on-Demand Store

If you are someone who finds passion in creating custom-made graphics, then this is the ultimate side hustle for you. You can personalise them and have them printed on T-shirts, mugs, and other items. You can choose to dropship your products and completely be your own boss.

  • Mystery shopping

Shopping can most definitely be a stress buster for many, and getting paid for the same, can’t the world be more real? Yes, market research firms hire mystery shoppers to try and test their products in retail and wholesale stores.

  • Online Surveys

Some of us really like filling out online surveys, and usually, we do it for fun or to provide genuine responses to something. This can be one of the easiest ways to earn money as a side hustle from home. Taking an online survey is a side hustle idea for those who are looking for some easy jobs. But do not think that it brings big money as it is a fairly simple one. Do some research to find out the popular online survey sites and register to earn your passive income. 

  • Sell Stock Photos

If you are a photographer and click random, high-quality pictures, you can sell them to stock photo agencies. Many websites sell stock photos to people who use them to curate their content. It will definitely not be very rewarding, but it is still a way to make money out of your passion. 

  • Website User Testing

It’s a lucrative option for a side hustle for women, and you don’t even need to have a technical understanding of websites. You are instructed to purchase a product from a website and then write an honest review of what you thought was defective. A 20-minute investment can earn you around $10.

  • Become a Proofreader or Copy Editor

If you’re a grammar nazi and a spell-checker, this is the side hustle from home for you. Proofreading or copyediting is one of the best online side hustle ideas to get good pay from a side job. You need not have an English degree to pick up proofreading stints; it might be difficult to start off with the work, but you can start with good networking. You just need to polish the content written by content writers, bloggers, and website owners. Set your own rate as per the effort and output you bring and get billed hourly/per-word basis. Most proofreaders work on a freelance basis or are paid per project. 

  • Become a consultant

Though it is a fantastic side hustle idea, consulting needs some proven experience and expertise. If you have experience working as a psychology consultant, you can make money, by providing online consultations for people. As a good consultant, you should be a good listener and able to offer the right solution to your clients. You can charge on an hourly basis depending on your experience, consulting sessions you provide and the complexity of the issue. 

  • Become a Uber Driver

If you are a good driver with proper and polite conduct, driving for Uber or Lyft is the best side hustle to make money. You don’t even need a car; all you need is a license and a year of driving experience. It doesn’t give you tons of money, but it’s a side hustle that gives you maximum flexibility. 

  • Deliver Food/Groceries

Delivery drivers have a good flair for driving but are not interested in dealing with passengers. With the e-commerce industry expanding, the demand for delivery drivers is increasing. The hours are pretty flexible, which makes it a good side hustle to make money. 

  • Manage social media for small businesses

Social media management is an upcoming trend in jobs. It is a rewarding process, and many take it up as full-time jobs with professional agencies. But, some of the new businesses may not be able to afford big shots, and you get to manage those social media profiles. This is a good opportunity as a side hustle for women.

  • Design Logos using free tools

Logo design is not a layman’s job, and you need to have a good understanding of it to make it work. You also need to have a good grasp of Photoshop and Illustrator to create good designs. You will be paid only if your design has been approved.

  • Begin a Podcast
podcasting as side hustle

The need for podcasts is niche and ever-growing. Creating podcasts is in demand and one of the most utilized tools when it comes to personal branding. It is a very cheap investment for a side hustle that can earn you good money. Create podcasts on interesting topics using a laptop and microphone, and make your side hustle income. 

  • Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram influencers are one of the best-chosen marketing tools by companies even now. They use Instagram influencers with good subscriber lists to promote their products and earn a bit by showcasing those products on their account. Instagram influencing is not an easy job, but with good creativity, it can be a great side hustle for women. 

  • Email Marketing

One of the most extensive and effective ways of marketing is in the digital marketing arena. Writing engaging email newsletters is not child’s play and requires a lot of research, but it’s a good option for a side hustle from home. There are many platforms like MailChimp that will help get you started. 

  • Run Ads for small businesses

Running Ads for small businesses is yet another profitable side hustle to make money easily. Be it Ads for Google, Facebook or Instagram, if you have some experience in Ads marketing, you just need to run a search ad or social campaign for your clients. You can start this side hustle by contacting local businesses in your community and offering Ads services for social media. Through successful ads management, and client relation, you can acquire more clients and earn a good amount of money by just spending a couple of hours.

  • Modelling

Modelling gigs are available for people who are confident in themselves and have a good set of features. It is not a very reliable side hustle, but after one or two successful gigs, you can even take it up as a full-time option when the offers pour in.

  • Offer Expert Answers

You read well and know it all; this is the opportunity you were looking for. There are many websites for students that encourage them to post questions that need to be answered. You can register and start answering those questions, and then get paid a good amount of money for it. 

  • Teach Yoga or Fitness Classes Online

If you are a fitness instructor and have good experience guiding people along their fitness journeys, then this is the best side hustle from home for you. Create meals and workout routines for your clients and give one-on-one training advice to make the most money out of this. Yoga teachers nowadays train their clients online through videos and live sessions. This trained skill is a great side hustle to make money while keeping you in good shape. 

  •  Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can sell your handcrafted items or artwork. They are known for their elaborate platform that helps people sell their handmade products. If you are an artistic person, you can sell your handmade, bespoke products via Etsy and make money online. Many people even make a good sum of money by selling unique handmade products on Etsy. You just need to sign up for an Etsy seller account and create your items to sell. 

  • Make video tutorials
make video tutorials

One of the best side hustle ideas, video tutorial making can help you earn a reasonable income by just spending a few hours after your regular work time. Makeup tutorials and other such kinds of videos are known to have a good fan base and can attract a good set of followers. If you are an expert who offers Excel tutorials, that can also be considered a lucrative side hustle.

  • Web design and Graphic design services

Are you passionate about graphic designing or web designing? Then, this might be the side hustle that best suits your interest and skill. Web design and graphic services are the best choices for a side hustle if you are good enough to provide professional services for clients. Small startups that are unable to hire big agencies are your prime customers.

  • Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are just like regular assistants and take care of everything in the same way, but the only difference is that you can work from the comfort of your own home. This side hustle can be as overwhelming as your 9-to-5, so make sure that only if you have that kind of bandwidth should you approach such a side hustle, even when it is potentially paying. 

  • Flip Domain Names

Flipping domain names is one of the best side hustles for making money online. Flipping domain names is the process of purchasing unused domain names at standard rates and reselling them at an exorbitant price to those who want those domain names. A few friends I knew were making a good amount of money from this side hustle. Now, you can buy some sought-after domain names that people would want to buy and resell in the future 

  • Prepare learning materials for schools & colleges

Preparing study materials for educational institutions and ed-tech organizations is one of the most promising side hustle ideas. With the number of EdTech companies on the rise, they are in the running for finding good content creators and writers who can plan lesson plans for each subject. This is a good side hustle for women, and it’s even better for working from home. If you are a subject matter expert, then this side hustle can work well for you.

  • Write for Online Platforms 

This is one of the well-paid side hustles to make money online. If you have a talent for writing and want to pursue it as a side hustle or full-time job, now is the time. Platforms like Medium, Substack, Ghost, etc, offer immense opportunities for writers to put their thoughts to words and get paid. These platforms are a great way to enhance your writing skills and make money as a side hustle.

  • Become a chat operator

Many companies hire chat operators to communicate with their customers via text chat or messaging apps. Hence, there are quite a lot of opportunities for you to work as a text chat operator, which in turn increases your side income. A text chat operation is a fantastic opportunity if you are looking for a side hustle to make a decent income. You can find a lot of sites online that offer text chat operator jobs from home as per your schedule. 

  • Try Airbnb hosting 

Becoming an Airbnb host is a great side hustle to make money if you have spare bedrooms or vacation homes. Using Airbnb, you may make money by renting out your free space to tourists and charging them a hefty fee. You can get a reasonable income from Airbnb hosting if you reside in a well-known tourist destination or have a decent vacation property to rent out.

  • Become a local tour guide

Though this is not an online job from home, working as a local tour guide is a good side hustle to make money. If you live in a tourist destination with a high tourist draw, this is an ideal job for earning a good side income while having fun. You can even list your tour on travel websites like Airbnb and TripAdvisor to get more bookings in the future. Don’t forget to request your customers to add reviews of your services to these sites. 

  • Online removal services

If you are looking for a side hustle to make money, removal services are a good choice. Since the demand for movers who can do the heavy lifting is high, there are several opportunities with removal services. Though this is not an online side job, you can earn a reasonable amount of money by doing it as a side job. If you have your own van, that will help you earn a lot more. List yourself as a mover on websites like TaskRabbit, and online groups to get more bookings. 

Wrapping it Up

There you have it: 40+ side hustle ideas to make extra income using a side job. This nice list of online side hustle ideas to work from home and offline will be really helpful for you. A good side hustle offers opportunities to work within your schedule and meets your earning requirements. Side hustles can be a lifesaver and a good source of income in addition to your regular job. Online side hustles like blogging, designing, editing, SEO, etc. are more creative and offer the flexibility to work from home. Make sure you approach the side hustle in a way that you will be comfortable with after your regular work hours.

Discover side hustle ideas that suit your interests and skills to find the best ventures to turn a hobby into a business!

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