pre wedding shoot ideas

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Weddings are indeed a time that calls for the most elaborate and exclusive photos. It has to have those very unique photos, as creating them is going to be a core memory. One of the main agenda items for any future bride or groom-to-be is thorough research of possible poses and a good photography team to support and edit them to perfection. People usually look for something new and inspiring ideas when it comes to pre-wedding shoot ideas. Social media is the main reason why they are always on the hunt for good pictures.  Making the right preparations is necessary, and researching poses with the client as well as their photographer helps keep them calm during the entire session. This blog contains examples of the most exquisite pre-wedding shoot ideas and tips that you can use for your wedding shoots. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas 

pre wedding photoshoot ideas

Pre-wedding shoots are the best part for the couple. However, it is easy to run out of options and ideas for pre-wedding photoshoots. If you are looking for some inspiring pre wedding photoshoot ideas, you are at the right place. Here are some of them, along with some valid tips that will help with a hassle-free pre-wedding shoot. 

  •  Miniature versions!

Having the bride and groom sized down to miniature figures is a great way to take pre-wedding photos. If the clients believe they require quirky and eccentric images, this is probably the best option from which to choose. These kinds of photos are exceptionally rare and are definitely worth a try. If you want something like this in your pre wedding shoot, make sure to communicate it to the photographers or try to find someone who has actually done this before. It also needs to be well planned in advance to be executed to perfection.

  •  Movie scenes

This is strictly restricted to people who go crazy over movies. There are a lot of brides and grooms who are totally invested in getting poses and being in locations from their favourite movies. Even if you chuck the locations, you can still get your costumes and poses for the photoshoots to be exactly like movie scenes or posters and create the entire look. It’s definitely worth being your own favourite actor once in your life! Before proceeding, ensure that both the photographers and the clients are on the same page and have done their homework.

  •  Splash the flour!

If both couples are interested in food and get gratified in the name of cooking, then the photoshoot on that ground can be unique. The location can be any of their favourite cafes or pubs. This may necessitate more preparation because you may need to get a solid thumbs-up from the area where you want to shoot. You can also help transform a kitchen by clicking on the natural nuances the couple shares while they are engrossed in cooking. Accessories like flour, jam, and other edibles, as well as a chef’s hat and apron, can add to the creativity of the entire shoot. 

  • Embrace the Nature
pre wedding shoot at mountains

If you are a nature lover, why don’t you think of a pre-wedding shoot amidst nature? Creative photographers can include the beauty of nature in pre-wedding shoots, by making it pristine. In India, you can find a lot of beautiful natural wonders and amazingly serene destinations that can be the backdrop of your pre-wedding day. Think of getting clicked at the beautiful lagoons, magnetic hills, sparkling desserts, marvellous waterfalls, delightful beaches or freezing mountain tops with a stunning Bollywood moment. It would definitely help you capture some wondrous memories for life. 

  • Boating & Biking

Boating and biking rides are some other exciting pre-wedding shoot ideas your fiancee and you love are adventure junkies. The new-age photographers in Kerala usually try pre-wedding photoshoots in traditional boats on the backwaters. Likewise, if you are a bike rider, never miss the opportunity to get a ride with your partner for the pre-wedding photo shoot. 

  • Monsoon Wedding

People getting married in the rainy season can use the rain, the natural prop. You might have watched weddings in rain in a lot of films. Hridayam, a Malayalam hit movie is one that clearly depicted the beauty of a wedding in rain. You can have a beautiful romantic wedding in rain and this is one of the most lovely pre-wedding shoot ideas that can be followed in the monsoon season. 

  •  Go vintage!

Some people are obsessed with vintage accessories and looks! And this can also be a theme for pre-wedding shoot ideas for the lovers of yesteryear. Creating the vintage look can be done easily through the technical features of editing, but to absorb the exact feel, one might need to rope in vintage accessories for the shoot. Rummaging through antique shops for rented gramophones, grandfather clocks, and even vintage sedans can help create superficially good vintage photos in all their grandeur. Understanding the prop requirements and where to find them, on the other hand, is the most important task when planning a vintage photo shoot. 

  • With Love, With Pets!
Couple with pet photography

What else is needed to double the love in the frame? Yes, the furry buddies. The bride and groom will be disappointed if their pets are not included in the photo shoot. It can be difficult to get the right poses with their pets, but the effort is well worth it because the results are squishy and adorable. Capturing their love for their pets is very sweet to the eyes and gets right to the heart. Make sure to plan and talk in advance about these pictures because not all photographers are comfortable around pets.

  • Pre-wedding in a palatial space

How about having your pre-wedding shoot in a palatial building? It would be really grand and amazing to have a pre-wedding photoshoot at a royal palace which looks wonderful with its architectural grandeur. More than just a classic pre-wedding photoshoot idea, it will render you beautiful moments to cherish for a lifetime. If you are living in a place with some beautiful palaces or traditional houses with architectural marvels, you can think of having your pre-wedding shoot there to make it most memorable and creative. 

  • Go with the flow!

Yes, we mean this here in every literal sense! Water is a very cool element that can spice up pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. This natural property, be it waterfalls, small streams, or even the beaches, can add a very exquisite look to your photos. It can easily bring out the playful sync between the couples. Water can be used in multiple ways and can give rise to very good and natural photos. 

  • Under the stars

Nighttime pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are not very common. This is mainly because there is natural light, which can dull the photographs and make them boring. But, if done rightly with the right equipment and a good set of ideas, this can be worthwhile and stand out. Nightlight can bring in the charm and cosiness of the couples to the benefit of taking the most exclusive photos when catered to its exclusivity and supplemented with the appropriate external light elements. 

  • Traditionally Beautiful!

It is not very necessary that all your pictures be inclined toward neutral looks. Going desi is a very unique and beautiful way to showcase your roots. Desi couture indeed adds colour and vibrance to the entire shoot. Trying to incorporate some cultural festivals as a theme and dressing accordingly will definitely make your pictures stand out. Getting some cousins and friends can equally bring in the celebratory mood and also make your individual shots colourful. 

  • Be Nostalgic!

If you have a couple getting married after years of dating, you can go ahead and recreate the beautiful moments in their lives. Reminiscing about the past journey of their relationship is the best way to bring that nostalgic feeling into the pre-wedding shoot ideas. Recreation can also help you cherish and project intimacy much better in photographs. The candid poses that are projected at such places can be easily captured by a candid photographer.

  • Smoke Bomb Photography
smoke bomb prewedding shoot

Smoke bomb photography is one of the most romantic pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that can make your shoot joyful and fun. If your photographer is creative and insists on creating new looks, he will arrange colourful smoke bombs to make your pre-wedding shoot playful. Tring colour smoke bombs in different outdoor locations, using unusual colours, creating a surreal smoke backdrop, etc are some of the interesting smoke bomb photography trends you can experiment with. 

  • Let’s colour coordinate

Standout poses and exquisite pre-wedding shoot ideas can be best achieved when you go ahead and ask the clients to show up with the effort of dressing up elegantly for the shoots. And the right way to have fun is to coordinate and match outfits. Colour contrast is also a good way to incorporate the opposites attract vibe. Make sure you help the clients choose the outfits with due regard to the location of your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Pre-wedding Shoot Tips

So, you got some stunning pre-wedding shoot ideas. Now, let us also look at some tips that you may have to look forward to for a seamless pre-wedding photoshoot and for the best turnout of pictures.

  • It is important to have a good understanding of the needs of both people involved in the photoshoot, i.e., the photographer and the clients. Both of them ought to have different opinions and ideas, which need to be on the same page. Otherwise, the entire photoshoot will be chaotic and will not yield the expected results. 
  • Prepare a shot list. This is for the photographer to keep up with. Having prepared a list of the different shots that you are planning will help you be more professional and also help you be sure to take all the necessary ones.
  • The location of the pre-wedding shoot has to be determined according to the needs of the couple. The photographers can also pitch in some ideas and suggestions.
  • It’s fine to be prepared for the cliché spots, but if the photographer can find hidden spots, that’s even better.
  • Choosing the right gear for the pre-wedding photo shoot is entirely up to the photographer. It is essential to include in the kit lenses that cater to portrait shots and shots that have to be taken from a wide angle. It is also important to make sure that all the devices are charged, the lenses are cleaned, the memory cards have enough space, and so on. 
  • The poses of the pre-wedding shoot ideas have to be well-thought-out, and both parties should have an open mind to accept things on a plate. Photographers should not push their clients to take pictures or do poses that they are uncomfortable with, and clients need to think of the limitations the photographer might possibly have. 
  • To get the most beautiful photos from the pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, and get the clients as comfortable as possible, there are chances of candid pictures that might come the photographer’s way even without all the posing needed. So allowing the couples to explore, and move is a good way to get some exquisite shots. 
  • Photographers can always go ahead and hire an assistant to deal with stuff like holding the reflectors, helping change the lenses, and so on. An assistant can help the entire photoshoot go smoothly without any hiccups. 
  • Little things that are attached to the couple can also make for good photographs. Matching tattoos or some coordinating that they did—all of this is click-worthy and will bring joy to their faces for years to come.
  • Editing is the major part of the pre-wedding shoot that can make or break a picture. There are many tools available online that are available in both free and paid versions. Understanding those and adapting them to the photographer’s style is a good way to give away the best pictures. 

Final Thoughts

The pre-wedding shoot is something the couple looks forward to more than the wedding as there is room to be themselves. There are no chaos or time constraints; they can be just what they want and make it an exclusive time to get as many photos as possible in the most fun and funky way. It is best to go with the flow and get them the best shots of their lives.

I hope these pre-wedding photo ideas are helpful for you. Whether you are a wedding photographer or a couple, trying out these pre-wedding photoshoot ideas will be helpful to capture your unique life moments

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