Healthy Indian Breakfast

Healthy Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

Maintaining one’s health has to be an innate priority as we grow up. Lifestyle diseases are everyone’s major problem because of unhealthy diets, a lack of physical activity, and irregular sleep patterns. When these not-so-healthy patterns carry on for a long time, it starts weakening the body, lowering immunity levels, and making the body susceptible to conditions like diabetes, spikes in cholesterol levels, and so on. The best way to control your pattern of living lies in a combination of good food, exercise, and a proper sleep schedule. It has been proven that 70% of your weight loss can be initiated by correcting your eating patterns, and the rest can be achieved through physical activity and sleep.

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this blog tries to introduce you to different and healthy Indian breakfast choices that you can adapt to your breakfast needs every day.


Poha is a very famous dish and one of the staple dietary foods in North India. It is a very filling and nutrient-dense dish and an apt choice for breakfast. Poha is naturally a low-calorie food, and therefore it is easier to digest and therefore considered a “happy tummy” or probiotic food. This healthy Indian breakfast dish is made from flattened rice flakes and mixed onions, green chillies, etc. Poha can be made in other ways by changing the star of the dish, like soya poha, Indori poha, Nagpur poha, etc. A healthy gut ensures digestion, thereby reducing the chances of weight gain. 


Idli is one of the recommended healthy Indian breakfasts that are popular in the southern and northern parts of the country. Idli is an ideal Indian breakfast for weight loss, as it is made of fermented batter and has little to no oil used while preparing it. Fermented foods are known to break down vitamins and minerals in our bodies, resulting in better digestion. Bad digestion means that the body wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients properly, increasing the chances of weight gain. Incorporating idli will not only smoothen the weight loss process but will keep you healthy as well. You also have options in idli, ranging from sabudana idli, ragi idli, rava idli, etc. 

Anda Bhurji or Egg Bhurji

Egg bhurji is a wonderful choice for breakfast. It is a favourite choice of street food all around India. Egg Bhurji is a dish where scrambled eggs are accompanied by a good share of sauteed onions, tomatoes, and spices. You can have it alone as a single dish or as a good accompaniment for rice or roti. It is a dish that elevates the panel of taste buds in a jiffy. It takes hardly 15 minutes to prepare this tasty dish, and the calorie intake of a single loaded serving will be around 123 calories. Be it scrambled, boiled or roasted, eggs for breakfast are definitely a healthy option. 

Vegetable Upma

It is one of those tasty breakfast dishes that do not need any off-hand preparation like soaking or fermentation. It is a protein-packed and flavorful delicacy made from urad dal and semolina. Adding in a good set of vegetables like peas, carrots, onions, and tomatoes can also help you meet your daily vegetable intake. You can have it plain or with curd as a side and add a little garnish of grated cashews or raisins to uplift the taste palette. This healthy Indian breakfast is also a supple dish with 253 calories per serving, which will keep you full until your next meal.


Dhokla is a healthy Indian breakfast option as it is made of besan or gram flour and has a slight tempering of mustard seeds and dried chillies. Protein-rich foods can help you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time.

This will make sure that you don’t binge on snacks during the breaks between meals. It is also a fermented dish and uses very little oil or other fattening liquids. It is known as a famous Gujarati dish and a sensible option if you are trying to lose weight.

Besan Chilla or Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Besan chilla is one of the most recommended dishes by nutritionists far and wide. It is a wonderful and tasty dish packed with proteins. As said earlier, besan is rich in proteins and has the ability to satiate hunger for a very long time. It can help you curb your cravings and promote healthy eating. You can add grated paneer to give it a different taste altogether and increase its nutrient load. It can be had with a little curd on the side or even as a stand-alone dish. 

Sprout Salads

Even when they look like a very modern option, sprout salads have been eaten for weight loss and a healthy body for quite a long time. It is an extremely light but protein-rich way to start your day. The sprouting process actually helps increase the nutritional value and makes it richer in nutrients like protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and Vitamins C and K than non-sprouted plants. Packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, you can mix moong, chana, beans, and other vegetables to make a wholesome and healthy Indian breakfast. 


Lapsi is a kind of dessert but can be had as a healthy breakfast food for weight loss as well. The sweetness is very mild and will not overload your body with sugar. Lapsi is made out of dhaliya, cracked wheat, jaggery, and ghee and garnished with nuts and raisins. If you want, you can always skip the jaggery and add your choice of fruits or maple syrup as a topping. It is an instant pot recipe and the best way to consume and include whole grains in your daily diet. It fills your stomach entirely.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a gluten-free, vegan dish that is popularly had as a healthy Indian breakfast option. This khichdi is made from a blend of sago, spices, potatoes, and peanuts. To prepare sabudana khichdi, you have to soak the sago overnight. Proper care has to be taken while rinsing and soaking the sago pearls. Roasted peanuts give the dish that extra crunch and also that needed protein spike. You can also have sabudana khichdi with curd as a side. 

Masala Oatmeal

Oats are now considered one of the best sources of fibre and many antioxidants, making them the perfect ingredient for your filling breakfast needs. Most people take a back step when it comes to having oats in their raw form or with milk. Masala oats are a savoury form of oats that people love to eat. It is made as an oat porridge along with aromatic spices from the Indian household. It is a good vegan, low-calorie option for breakfast. However, adding high sugar and milk and overcooked oats is not a healthy choice. Also, remember that all oats are not the same, hence choosing the right variety is important to keep your breakfast supple and healthy. 

Quinoa Oat Dosa

Quinoa is an ingredient that has crept up the food chain in India in the recent past. Most of us like to stick with our usual diets, even if we plan to lose weight. Quinoa and oats together in the form of dosa aren’t a bad idea. As there is no fermentation for the batter, it can be considered a quick recipe for a healthy breakfast. Quinoa is a high-protein ingredient and makes you feel full for a long time. The only preparation that you have to do is soak the quinoa and oats in water for 4-5 hours prior to grinding them. It is a gluten-free option and has only 103 calories per serving.

Bathua Paratha

Bathua paratha is a staple diet in India, especially during the winter. This healthy Indian breakfast is much more common in Punjabi households. It is made with desi ghee or butter, and its preparation includes different kinds of green, which makes it the best choice for a hearty and healthy meal. Bathua is a leafy green that can help lower your blood sugar levels to a healthy range; fenugreek or green spinach leaves can be used in its place. It is made with wheat and is therefore a gluten-free option. There is also a fair amount of spices and green chillies added in to make this a tasty breakfast option.

Ragi Malt Drink

Yes, you heard that right! Ragi Malt is a drink that can easily replace your solid breakfast ideas and give you as much nutrition as them. Ragi is a kind of millet and has a very intimidating nutritional profile. Ragi, or finger millet, has the highest content of calcium other than dairy products. It also is a good source of iron, so it can help reduce the chances of being anaemic and obese. Their low glycemic index makes them the best Indian breakfast for weight loss. 

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a very tasty option, and they let you wear off the ickiness of having oats as morning food. It hardly takes time to prepare overnight oats, and the major part of it is keeping them in the refrigerator overnight. To prepare overnight oats, you will need oats, milk of your choice, and a fruit of your choice. To add that extra bang of flavour, you can use cinnamon powder and a little vanilla essence. Mix all these ingredients, except the fruit, and keep. Take a glass and layer the fruit in between the oats mixture, then toss it in the fridge and have it cold in the morning.

Adai Dosa

Adai dosa is a dosa recipe made out of lentils and rice. It is a good source of protein that is plant-based. It is vegan and gluten-free. It is an instant dosa recipe as it doesn’t require fermentation. It has a low GI and is therefore the best option for weight loss. The batter can also be prepared and stored in the fridge for up to a week. You can also add freshly chopped onion and cilantro to add that extra crunchiness. One serving of this dosa has only 60 calories. 

Weight loss is a very overwhelming journey. But with the right nutrition and guidance, you can make it fun too. Fibre and protein-rich breakfast can keep you fuller for longer and curb cravings. Choosing portion control and a good healthy diet can help you reduce your weight and maintain it in the long run. Buying food products from the best food brand is a must to ensure the quality of what you have. So now you have a good selection of healthy Indian breakfasts for weight loss! Let us know which Indian breakfast for weight loss you like the most!

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