UAE's first sleep concert

UAE’s First Sleep Concert by ToDA

Isn’t it really amazing to enjoy listening to soulful music in bed? If you are a laid-back kind, this is for you. Grab your tickets for the first-ever sleep concert in UAE and relish some heart-touching music while snoozing. This new way sleep concert is organized by the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA).  So, you don’t have to feel shy about snoozing in public anymore while listening to some music. 

The happy news is that this sleep concert is happening in the lover’s month at Souk Madinat Jumeriah. So, if you are planning to give some post-Valentine gifts to your significant half, block the dates February 18, 19, 25 and 26 between 10 pm to 1 am.

Sleep Music at Souk Madinat Jumeriah

It is reported that The Theatre of Digital Art will be hosting this live music concert to induce audiences into a ‘psychedelic state’. Amidst some soothing light combined with video elements, you will definitely be bewitched by the tunes of musicians from St Petersburg. You will get transported to a relaxed state indeed. In the second hour of this sleep concert in UAE, the music will get slower inducing a sense of tranquillity and repose, making you feel mesmerised.  In the last hour of the concert, a more upbeat note will be presented to gently awaken the spectators leaving them feeling refreshed.

What to Expect?

ToDA’s live musical streaming is all about laying down and relaxing. At the concert venue, you will be provided with a personal sleep space to make you comfortable and private to enjoy the concert in the best possible way. What you can expect is a cosy bean bag chair with some herbal tea to sip during the show. Guests at the event can expect a live show that suits their mood for better relaxation. As the first-ever sleep concert experience, this musical extravaganza will give sleep-heads in UAE a new stress-busting and chilling environment to relax and relish. 

Regular tickets are priced at Dhs150 and Dhs200 for a premium ticket. 

UAE’s first sleep music concert will help the listeners relax as much as possible. Daria Prodaevich, the Art Director of ToDA says “I think this concert is perfect for anybody who wants to escape from the real world and just have an immersive experience”. 

This sleep concert will be a great experience for millennials in UAE who want to spend some me-time or unforgettable moments with their beloved ones. To embrace this new experience, turn off your gadgets and immerse in the lullaby music by the maestros.  

Sleep Concerts

Sleep concerts are not a new sensation. Originated back in the 1980s, this music event gives a bespoke experience for the audience who wants to escape from the mundane life, enthralling in the world of music. Combined with visual arts and lights, this musical entertainment will create a spellbinding feel for spectators. Take your roommate, lover, friend, or colleague can enjoy a socially acceptable communal nap with music. 

Leave your tensions behind at UAE’s first musical sleep concert and enjoy communal napping with your fellow concert audience. Buy your tickets at

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