Hair Botox vs Keratin

Hair Botox vs Keratin: Which is Best for You?

Hair botox vs Keratin is one of the most searched keywords by beauty enthusiasts and hair lovers on Google these days. People are very much confused about the difference between hair botox and keratin treatment. In the hair treatment world itself, a debate is still going on about the benefits, processes, and side effects of botox and keratin treatment. We know that both treatments are meant for reducing the frizz of hair, giving it a smooth and shiny look. Now, before getting to a conclusion about hair botox vs keratin, you need to know the differences in their treatment process, benefits, side effects, and how long the results last. 

Botox Treatment

You might have heard about face botox. While both treatments are used to tame frizzy hair, hair botox is a chemical-free restorative hair treatment that helps to maintain the hair healthy and smooth. Hair botox is a non-toxic treatment used for the deep conditioning of hair. It repairs the split ends, coats the hair surface and helps to tame frizz. Commonly known as a straightening treatment, hair botox is preferred by those who are looking for a chemical-free anti-frizz treatment to fix their hair damaged by stress, heat, and other factors. 

Though there may be slight variations in the methodology, hair botox treatment is a combination of proteins, Vitamin B5, amino acids, collagen compounds, and lipids applied to the hair. A hair botox treatment actually acts as a filler by infusing the hair with intense hydration. In the hair botox treatment,  the lost cuticle layers will be replaced and given a protective barrier, coating the hair shaft in essence. It works by restoring the hair to its youthful look. 

Keratin treatment

What makes keratin treatment different from hair botox is its use of chemicals to smoothen the hair. Keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian blow out is a hair straightening technique using chemicals to make the hair frizz-free, manageable, and smooth. In keratin treatment, the stylist fills in the porosity of your hair and restores the protein that is lost from your hair. Chemical formaldehyde is one of the main ingredients in a keratin treatment. 

During the keratin treatment, the stylist will apply a keratin-based product to your hair and leave it on for 45-60 minutes before sealing it in with a flat iron. As the chemicals diffuse into the hair, depending on the hair length and thickness, they alter the cross-linking of the keratin strands. The combination of the chemicals, flat ironing, and blow drying accelerates the cross-linking and turns frizzy hair into super smooth straight hair. 

Hair Botox vs Keratin – Differences

As mentioned earlier, even though hair botox and keratin treatments are basically done to control frizz, manage dry hair, and achieve smooth, silky, and straight hair, both treatments have certain differences in their process, products used, and time of results. 

How long do the results last?

Compared to botox treatment, keratin treatment give a more long-lasting result. While the hair botox treatment lasts anywhere from 2 to 2.5 months, Keratin results will stay there from 3-5 months depending on the products used and the type of hair. 

How do they work?

Hair botox is a mix of vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients, a combination of these will help to penetrate into the hair cuticle and replenish hair from the inside out. In this treatment, the damaged hair shaft will be filled and the lost protein will be restored. 

In keratin treatment, the products will restore the keratin to the hair by spreading the active keratin molecules onto the surface of the hair. 

Which treatment is best for your hair?

When it comes to a choice- hair botox vs keratin treatment, stylists usually recommend hair botox for those who want natural-looking hair without any chemical usage. Hair botox is recommended for all hair types, especially dry, dull, and frizzy hair. Hair botox is best advised for those who want to keep the natural texture of their hair while adding shine and softness to the shafts. Unlike keratin treatment, hair botox won’t straighten your hair. 

Both hair botox and keratin treatments can leave the hair looking smoother, shinier, and more manageable. However, keratin treatments may be more effective at reducing frizz and straightening the hair, while hair botox is more focused on improving the overall health and appearance of the hair. Keratin treatment is best suited for those who want super straight silky hair. Those with thick, dry, curly and frizz-prone hair will gain the most from keratin treatment. Keratin will make your hair more manageable and stylish. A keratin treatment will make your hair even more thin than earlier. 


Both treatments require some level of maintenance to maintain their effects. However, keratin treatments may require more frequent touch-ups, as the effects typically last for a shorter period of time than hair botox.

Side effects

As hair botox treatment uses fewer chemicals, the side effects of this hair treatment are very less compared to a keratin treatment. Certain studies say that with hair botox, there is a risk of producing more oil than usual. The treatment is not suggested for expecting mothers.

Though there aren’t any serious side effects known with keratin treatments, it may cause irritation to the nearby skin due to the chemical substance used in the treatment. Keratin treatment using formaldehyde, a carcinogen, can induce long-term harmful effects. However, most stylists nowadays offer keratin treatments that are free of formaldehyde. Furthermore, continuous and long-term exposure to keratin treatment can make your hair brittle and even more frizzy. Besides, keratin treatment also is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Cost of Hair Botox vs Keratin treatments

The cost of both hair botox and keratin treatments vary depending on the products used, the salon you choose, and sometimes, the length of your hair. While the cost of a hair botox treatment can range from $120 to $200 and above, a keratin treatment can be a little more pricey. 

Application at home

Hair botox is relatively easier to be applied at home and takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. However, a keratin treatment can be much tougher if you do it at home.  The process can take up to 4+ hours. Though both treatments can be carried out at home, it is better to reach a professional stylist to get it done with the utmost perfection. 

Aftercare for Botox and keratin treatments 

After hair botox or keratin treatment, stylists usually suggest avoiding hair washing for the next 3 days as the treated hair may lose its result.  Professional stylists usually offer custom shampoos and conditioners, preferably paragon and sulfate-free products for chemically-treated hair. To retain the silky smooth and shiny effects of both treatments, it is better to avoid products with harsh chemicals. 

Summary: After keratin or hair botox treatment, your hair will look nourished, straight, soft, shining and alive.  Keratin treatment has a strong straightening effect and suits better for very dry, frizzy, and curly hair.  However, keratin treatment includes harmful chemicals. For long-lasting results, better consult a professional hair stylist and seek their advice on whether to go for hair botox or keratin treatment. 

Keep in mind that both hair botox and keratin treatments can be damaging to the hair if not done properly. It’s always recommended to consult with a stylist or trained hair care professional before getting either of these treatments to ensure that they are done safely and effectively.

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