When to See a Dietitian

When to See a Dietitian?

I remember the exact moment I decided to consult a dietitian nutritionist. After years of trying different diet plans, fasting methods, and tips from social media influencers, I found myself frustrated in front of the mirror and finally decided to meet a dietitian as per my husband’s suggestion. My weight had become a constant battle due to the steroids I had after hip replacement surgery, gastroesophageal reflux disease, insulin resistance, and several other health issues. I couldn’t reduce a single pound due to this. Also, I always have a sweet tooth, but I can’t resist this. That’s when I realised it was time to see a dietitian. Here is my weight loss journey and why you might consider consulting a dietitian for a more productive fitness step. 

Endless Dieting

My weight loss journey started in my early thirties when my gastroenterologist asked me to reduce 3 kg to improve GERD and my gut health . Like many people, I jumped from one diet to the next: keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, and everything. Though I lost a few pounds from intermittent fasting, I couldn’t maintain that; the weight always came back with a few pounds. Though intermittent fasting was sustainable, I found myself constantly hungry, tired, and irritable. My GERD issue doesn’t allow me to have a weight-loss diet ever. Food became an enemy, and eating was always stressful. 

Wake-Up Call

My breaking point was the emergence of some other health issues along with the gastro issues. I thought I would be able to handle it on my own. However, my low energy level, immunity disorders, vitamin deficiency problems, and insulin resistance problems prompted me to consult a dietitian. I decided to see a dietitian and expressed my concern about my health issues and weight-loss requirements. 

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Getting an appointment with a dietitian

Making the appointment with a dietitian was a bit confusing for me. Whom to consult, whether to choose online dietitian support from healthcare apps or to find the best available dietitian near me—it was quite daunting. I wasn’t sure what to ask, what to expect, but I knew it was time to see a dietitian. Fortunately, my dietitian didn’t judge me or make me feel uncomfortable about my past weight loss failures and bad fitness plans. She tried to understand my concerns, health complications, eating habits, food interests, and lifestyle. 

Understanding my body and requirements 

One of the most appealing aspects of my consultation with the dietitian was learning about my body’s condition and specific needs. After a series of conversations with my dietitian, I could understand how my metabolism works and why certain foods are not recommended for me. She assessed my medical history, stress levels, work life, daily routine, physical activities, and all the factors that influenced my weight. 

Personalized Diet Plan 

She created a personalised diet plan that suits my health conditions and needs. Definitely, it was not a one-size-fits-all diet. It was specifically tailored, considering my eating preferences, my gastric problems, and my nutritional requirements. When you see your dietitian, you can communicate your problems openly and ask for a very personalised eating plan that fits your requirements. Instead of following random eating charts that you see on your social media feeds. A good dietitian can help you set realistic goals, focused on bringing gradual and sustainable results rather than quick fixes. 

After consulting the dietitian, I learned about balanced meals (remember, it won’t fit all), portion control, and the importance of including protein, fibre, and essential nutrients in food. Also, my dietitian helps me understand food labels, healthy ingredients, and how to choose healthier food. Even she helped how to make nutritious meals at home without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Above all, it was about adopting a healthy lifestyle that I could maintain for the long term without affecting my present health conditions. If you are planning to see a dietitian, don’t wait any longer. Book an appointment with the best dietitian in Bangalore, Kochi, or whichever location you live, have an open conversation with them, and create a customised diet plan along with other activity charts that you can follow. A certified nutritionist can help you achieve your health goals without wasting time and energy on unhealthy practices. 

Addressing Emotional Eating

Another major aspect I would like to mention as an advantage of seeing a dietitian is addressing emotional eating. I always turned to food during my stressful moments, seeking comfort and escape from my anxieties and tensions. My dietitian understood this crisis and helped me develop healthier techniques to handle this situation. Mindful eating is one mechanism that I developed with the help of my dietician to enjoy my food, rather than mindlessly eating it. It helped me a lot to break the overeating process, manage my weight, and improve my relationship with food. 

Realizing the Importance of Nutrition

Another significant advantage of consulting a dietitian is that you will get a deeper understanding of nutrition beyond your weight loss or weight gain plan. An experienced dietitian will guide you on the importance of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, portion sizes, the role of hydration, and how to eat healthy while preparing your body for exercise. All these understandings will help you make informed decisions about your food choices and take control of your body and health. 

Managing Medical Conditions

When you see a dietitian, you get the opportunity to discuss your health conditions and make plans accordingly. This is very helpful for preparing a customised eating and exercise plan that suits your health conditions. Certain health conditions, such as digestive disorders, thyroid dysfunctions, diabetes, heart disease, immunity disorders, and high blood pressure, usually require a specific diet plan to manage these conditions, and how to eat in a way that promotes your health. Digestive issues such as GERD, food intolerance, ulcers, IBS, etc. need a specialised diet that can control symptoms while improving your quality of life. 

Preventing nutritional deficiencies & immunity disorders

Certain foods, dietary regulations, and medical conditions can lead to nutritional deficiencies. A dietitian nutritionist can easily recognise the gaps in your nutrition and recommend suitable foods or supplements to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients. With the consultation of an expert dietitian nutritionist, you can guarantee the proper intake of nutrients in your food. This will not only help maintain a balanced diet but also ensure strong physical and mental well-being. It also provides a strong immune system that helps strengthen your body’s defence mechanism. 

Healthy Ageing & Developing Sustainable Habits

As you age, your body needs more nutrients and you may need to change your nutritional habits. A dietitian nutritionist can help you adjust your eating habits that can promote healthy ageing, and maintain overall vitality. You will also be able to develop long-term, sustainable food habits that you can incorporate into your routine. 

Tracking Progress

Above all, the key benefit of seeing a dietitian is tracking the progress of your health goals. In my case, regular check-ups helped me understand the progress I achieved and adjust my diet plan accordingly. It really supported me physically and emotionally, reducing my stress level, like never before. My dietitian nutritionist helped me throughout my weight loss journey, guiding me and keeping me motivated. Over time, I could see sustainable results. Increased energy levels, improved mood, high confidence level, etc. are some add-ons I got through these sessions. Reflecting on my health transformation journey, I recommend consulting a dietitian at the earliest if you are tired of your DIY tips and endless diet plans.


When to see a dietitian is definitely your choice, but consulting an experienced and certified dietitian nutritionist will be one of the best decisions you can make if you are planning to make changes to fitness and overall well-being. It is not just about shedding some pounds, it is about building a healthier lifestyle,  sustainable food habits, gaining confidence, and having a healthy relationship with what you eat. If you are struggling to lose/gain weight but facing some health issues, I would definitely recommend you consider seeing a dietitian. Consulting a dietitian nutritionist can be a life-changing step towards better health and well-being. 

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