Benefits of rosemary water for hair

Benefits of Rosemary Water for Hair

When it comes to hair care, I’ve always been careful about choosing the best products and remedies. Like many of you, I have experimented with various hair care products, such as oils, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Rosemary water is the latest experiment I have done to transform my thinning hair. Is rosemary water good for hair growth? Here is my story of how rosemary water became my go-to hair growth remedy, and the amazing benefits of rosemary water for hair. 

I first heard about rosemary water on Instagram and other social media stories. My friend also tried rosemary oil at the same time, and she was getting amazing results. But I was not ready to oil my hair regularly, even as part of my haircare series. But learning about this ‘holy water’ encouraged me to try it because it can be applied even when you go out. 

Active Compounds in Rosemary

Rosemary is rich in certain beneficial compounds that are good for hair health. Given below are the essentials of rosemary:

  • Rosmarinic Acid: Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this blend can help reduce scalp inflammation and promote hair growth.
  • Camphor. It provides a cooling sensation on the skin and is believed to enhance blood flow to the scalp.
  • Carnosic Acid: The antioxidant property of carnosic acid protects hair cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Caffeic Acid: It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit hair cells.

These compounds in the rosemary extract work together, making rosemary water potentially effective for promoting hair growth.

Rosemary Water Benefits for Hair

Given below are some of the key benefits of rosemary water for hair.

Hair growth

We all know that rosemary and its extracts are now popular for their benefits for hair growth. Studies say that rosemary water can boost hair growth by providing essential nutrients to the hair follicles. It can strengthen hair follicles and provide healthier hair strands with regular use. Rosemary water is known for its hair loss-reversing properties. The active ingredients in the rosemary water can enhance blood flow to the scalp, providing better nourishment and promoting hair growth. The antioxidant properties of rosemary water are said to thicken the hair follicles and strands. 

Shine & Softness

Another benefit of rosemary water that I observed was the natural shine it added to my hair. Unlike other commercial hair serums or creams that often left my hair greasy, rosemary water made my hair look soft and shiny. The softness was exceptional, and I found myself touching my hair more often because it felt so smooth and silky. 

Improved Scalp Health

Improved scalp health is another benefit attributed to rosemary water for hair. The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary can improve scalp health, promoting better hair growth. You can observe visible results after a few issues with using rosemary water. 

Nourishing and Moisturising

The active compounds in rosemary water can supply nutrients, giving your hair a nourishing and moisturising effect. Due to its hydrating properties, your hair will appear more moisturised, helping you avoid dryness and breakage. If you wish to use a daily hair serum without getting a sticky feel, rosemary water is the best option. 

Aromatic Benefits

More than the physical benefits, the aroma of rosemary water will give you aromatherapy advantages. The refreshing aroma of rosemary water is believed to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. With rosemary water, you can transform your hair care time into a therapeutic practice, gaining a sense of calm and relaxation. Who doesn’t love a soothing scent on their silky hair?

How to Use Rosemary Water for Hair Growth

Apply some rosemary water to your scalp and gently massage in a circular motion. You can focus more on the areas where your hair is thinner. Many of us know that scalp massage is helpful to improve hair growth. Similarly, you can massage your scalp and hair with rosemary water to improve blood flow to the scalp, provide hair follicles with essential nutrients, and encourage hair growth.

Apply with Shampoo: This is a technique that I apply when I don’t have enough time to apply the water before the hair wash and wait for some time. In this method, while applying shampoo to the hair, add rosemary water to it. After a few minutes, wash your hair; the active compounds in rosemary water will interact with your scalp and hair, improving overall hair health.

Pre-Wash or Final Rinse: Either you can spray rosemary water onto your hair and scalp before you wash your hair or use it as a final rinse after conditioning. This can help lock in moisture and provide an extra dose of nutrients, leading to healthier and stronger hair.

Research on Rosemary Water and Hair Growth 

While there’s a lot of talk about rosemary water being good for hair growth, I couldn’t find a lot of research or studies that support it. 

Research on the benefits of rosemary water for hair growth is still in the early stages but is expanding. Some of the studies say that rosemary leaf extract is beneficial to regrowing hair, particularly effective in treating testosterone-induced hair loss. However, it is proven that the key compounds found in the rosemary extract have valuable properties that are beneficial for human health. 

While Minoxidil is recommended as the only topical medication for hair growth by the FDA, rosemary oil is also found effective as a hair growth product that can prevent hair loss and promote the growth of hair. 

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Personal Recommendations

After experiencing such positive results, I recommend rosemary water for hair growth. One side effect I noticed with the use of rosemary water was that I got some dandruff. Although rosemary water has amazing advantages, it may cause irritation or itching on the scalp, allergic reactions, etc. So, if you are using any medicines or feel uncomfortable after the first few uses, consult a doctor. However, incorporating rosemary water into your hair care can improve scalp health and enhance hair growth for a natural shine. Its simple preparation, quick application, cost-effectiveness, and additional aromatherapy perks make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their hair health naturally. If you’re struggling with hair issues or simply want to enhance the health and beauty of your hair, I highly recommend giving rosemary water a try. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the most effective. 


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